The short story of long July Challenge 2013

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It took us some time to pen down the July Challenge 2013 blog, but somehow we did it. And, now that we’ve done it, let’s take you straight to contest.

The problems for July Challenge came from our adept problem setters, Roman Furko, Jay Pandya, Sergey Nagin, Vinayak Garg, Hiroto Sekido, Vitalij Kozhukhivskij, Vamsi Kavala, Ivan Zdomsky and Kaushik Iska; while the problem tester and editorialst was Shilp Gupta.

The contest saw serious competition among the participants. Emerging atop the global rank table was the mighty ACRush, while the Indian rank tables had djdolls enjoying the top rank. Who else featured on the rank tables, lets have a look.

Firstly, the global rank tables:

And now the Indian:

Now, a special mention to the users with highest scores for the challenge problem other than the winners.

The top three global scorers are”

And the top three Indian scorers are:

Here are the stats for the July Challenge 2013.

  • Total Users: 2880
  • Total Submissions: 60106
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 2172
  • Total users from India: 2241
  • Total users not from India: 639

The detailed explication for each problem of July Challenge 2013 has been provided by our editorialist Shilp Gupta. Go savor them now, they will help you learn the best approach to solve them problems.

With that, we’d wrap up the tale of the July Challenge 2013.

We’ll see you again with a new contest and a new tale. But till then do keep sending us your feedback, suggestions, and queries that you might have at “”.

Till next time it’s adios from everyone here at CodeChef.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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