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In the wonderful world of CodeChef, a competition is the best tuition one can get. Some might say otherwise, but we believe in it. We have always considered our competitions as teachings for the participants. And our July LunchTime 2013, was just  another lesson for it’s young participants.

The contents for the July LunchTime 2013 came from young problem setter Utkarsh Lath, editorialist Bruno Oliveira, and problem tester Roman Rubanenko. The problem set was suppose to gather more love of the school students than the seasoned players, however, nothing like that happened. In fact, the dominant ACRush was seen in for an early lunch. And within first forty minutes of the contest, he had solved all four problems and was off to a Sunday outing or something. But not before we found out a little secret about him. During the course of his stay we came to know his codejam strategy: “Start with the harder problems, so that people think they’re doable. Also make wrong submissions on easier ones, so that people think they’re harder than they are” 😛 We think that’s a smart strategy, isn’t it?

Now, let’s see how our school participants did. In terms of participation, the July LunchTime wasn’t much different from the June LunchTime. However, there were some new names flashing in the rank tables. While the new names brought joy, the missing names did made us a bit sad. We love having you young geniuses going all out in our contests, so we’ll be waiting for you all to show up in big numbers in the August LunchTime 2013.

For now, let’s join hands for the winners of our July LunchTime 2013:

  1. apia
  2. brightwind
  3. sy2006
  4. nihalpi1
  5. akatorihasi180
  6. jtjl
  7. contesant
  8. visanr
  9. mohitpaliwal99
  10. omarobeya

The total stats for the contest were as follows:

  • Total Users: 388
  • Total Submissions: 2060
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 240
  • Total users from India: 310
  • Total users not from India: 78

As we move towards the August Lunch Time 2013 we are expecting those numbers to go further up. So, all you young geniuses start sharpening your coding skills. We have got the editorials for the July contest ready for you, here. They will significantly enhance your programming skills and will help you better your performance.

We will see you at the August Lunch Time 2013 with yet another lesson to help grow as a skilled programmer. Till then keep coding.

If you have any feedback, suggestion, or query regarding our July Lunch Time, feel free to write to us at

Till next time, it’s adios from CodeChef.

Team CodeChef

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