The big fat August Challenge

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The August Challenge 2013 became a special contest for a lot of reasons. And that is all the more reason why there should not have been a delay in putting up this post. We regret the delay, and as soon as we had things in place, we sat down and the post here we are trying to put together the entire gist of the contest. We hope you will overlook the delay and enjoy it.

The August Challenge gave us all those fantastic memories, and we would like to thank you all for those. Also, let us thank our problem setting panel featuring furko, ballon_ziq, sereja, vinayak garg, witua, kaushik_iska, cgy4ever, vamsi_kavala and kuruma for their tempting problem set, which was adeptly tested by white_king. And let us not forget the ever present gamabunta, who prepared the mouthwatering dessert in the form of the editorials to all those problems.

With August Challenge 2013, in alignment with the objective of our CodeChef for Schools initiative, we decided that as a motivation we will also be giving goodies to the top 5 high school/middle school students globally as well as Indian students. So, this time, the school students too had something additional to play for. And they played hard for it. High five, to all the young masters. These young minds along with the overwhelming participation from programmers across the globe, contributed in making the August challenge a special one as it saw the highest participation in any of our long challenges till date. As the cherry on top, we got kgstar, topping the rank tables in only his second long challenge appearance, surpassing the more seasoned campaigners like mugurelionut. A big applause for the gentleman topping the rank table. Now, let us move towards the rank tables of the contest and see who all stars in it.

Firstly, the Global Top 10:

And, the top 20 gentlemen from Indian rank tables:

Now, let us welcome the new addition to our winner tables, the students from high/middle school:

Firstly, the top five global school students:

And, the Indian school kids.

Now come the special top three achievers from global as well as Indian rank tables, who have the highest scores for the challenge problem, apart from those who already appear in the winners’ list:

The Global top three:

And, the Indian top three:

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners.

But, those are not the only numbers that made the August Challenge such an immensely successful contest. Here are the other numbers that matter.

  • Total Users: 4769
  • Total Submissions: 97951
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 3830
  • Total users from India: 3951
  • Total users not from India: 818

The problems of August challenge saw immense love of the participants. And, if for any reason you were not able to crack a problem or two, you should  check out the editorials here. You will definitely learn a lot from these editorials and will be better prepared for any such problems from next time onwards.

That concludes our August Challenge 2013. If you have any feedback or suggestion, do send them our way at “”. We always love hearing from you guys.

Till next time, ciao from CodeChef.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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