The revenge of fallen

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If there is one thing that differentiates “greats” from the rest, it has to be their constant pursuit for perfection. They never get satisfied with being “good-enough”; they want nothing but to be the best. When the time comes, they put in all that they got in their quest for being the best. This holds true in all spheres of life, and we recently witnessed an instance in our September Cook-Off 2013.

After being denied the top spot in the September Challenge 2013 by kgcstar, the mighty ACRush came all guns blazing in our first of the two ACM ICPC warm ups, the September Cook-Off.  And, in typical ACRush-style, he took away the contest flawlessly. While the problems from our young problem setter Roman Rubanenko were putting everybody to tough test, ACRush was leading the pack of very few programmers who were not much troubled by the Big Number and Tree that came in their way. Following him at the second spot in the international rank tables was qwerty787788, who was making his debut in our Cook-Offs, and we must say, going by what we saw, we might be looking at a new star in the making.

While, the international rank tables were glittering with the presence of a pro and a sensational debutant, the story of the Indian table was not any different. With the ACM ICPC India regionals approaching, the Indian students too seemed all geared up for the contest. The contest did not see a plethora of submissions in the initial few minutes, but as the contest progressed the numbers started soaring. While the seasoned djdolls lead the Indian charts, so was sidsgr88, who in no means is new to CodeChef, but was making his first appearance atop the table. And as always we were happy and excited to have a new name among the leaders. So, make sure you all give us such opportunities a little too often.

As of now, let us have a look at who stood where in the rank tables.

Starting with the Global top ten:

Now, the Indian top five:

The final stats for the contest were as follows.

  • Total Users: 1648
  • Total Submissions: 9999
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 819
  • Total users from India: 1407
  • Total users not from India: 241

The numbers do not reflect the true story of the contest. But with a grueling problem set, the pressure of doing well at the fast approaching ACM ICPC, and the immense competition pouring in from peers all over the globe, the contest certainly did satisfiy the competitive buds of the participants.

Whether you successfully cracked all the problems in the given duration of the contest, or had a tough time getting an AC, we would want you to go through the comprehensive editorials for all the problems to help understand the best possible approach towards solving them all. This will strengthen your ACM ICPC preparations, and will certainly help you do well during the contest.

If for some reason, you have missed the September Cook-Off, do not get disheartened. We still have our mega warm up round in October Cook-Off 2013. Top 75 Indian participants from our mega warm up round will get their ACM-ICPC expenses reimbursed, you can find all the details here.

We hope you had fun in the September Cook-Off. If you did, then do share with us your feedback, suggestions, or complaints. We have always loved receiving them, so keep sharing them with us at

See you all at the impending September Lunchtime 2013, gear up to see the young minds in action.

Till next time, adios everybody.

Team CodeChef

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