The Mega Cook-Off of the ACM ICPC 2013 – 2014 aspirants

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Nothing give jitters to the programmers as much as a big programming carnival. And if you are a programming enthusiast in India, that time for you is now. With ACM ICPC India regionals fast approaching, everybody is busy with giving final touch to their preparation, and perhaps packing bags, by now, for the regionals. And we wanted to help our young friends break out of their nerves and put all their preparation to test, with our October Cook-Off 2013.

While our Mega Cook-Off was set to test the preparations of the ICPC aspirants, it also brought the opportunity for the top 75 Indian Students, as opposed to 50 last year, to have their ACM-ICPC expenses reimbursed. Yay! The details about it can be read here. With all that we were all set for the contest, which promised some tough competition and a lot of fun.

The contest began with first accepted submission on Polo the Penguin and the XOR inside the first ten minutes of the contest. The quick first few accepted submission, indicated a free flowing contest, which was a pleasing sign as it meant that the preparations were good. However, there were instances when the contestants found themselves tangled in problems, especially the ones who tried to find some luck in Polo the Penguin and the Lucky String. It was only after an hour that EgorK cracked it. However, by then three other problems were already seeing accepted submissions, frequently. The problem set was nicely balanced to let the users have fun and test them without causing any turmoil. And it was acknowledged by the contestants and our fellows on the problem setting panel alike.

As the contest progressed, the number for participants and submissions started soaring, indicating a good night for us all. The fight among the contestants (from India), was not only to be among the top, but also to finish up among the top 75 students from India to have their ACM ICPC travel expense reimbursed. And if the numbers are to be believed, they all fought belligerently.

Here are all the numbers to let you decide.

  • Total Users: 1734
  • Total Submissions: 8255
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 1010
  • Total users from India: 1538
  • Total users not from India: 196

Let’s say hello to the the top performers, Indian as well as Global:

Firstly, the Global:

And, now Indian top five:

The October Mega Cook-Off 2013 was deemed as a warmup for the impending ACM ICPC India regionals. However, we wanted you all to chill, and just participate with all your heart and soul. And we hope you all did. There is still sometime before the onsite regionals and you shall be even better prepared for the onsite event, so All The Very Best from all of us.

Now, before we sign off, let us thank the people responsible for the nicely balanced problem set, which came from  Vitaliy Herasimiv, the testing for that, which Tasnim Imran Sunny did splendidly, and the delectable editorials to celebrate the contest from Tuan Anh. The additional colors for the contest in the form of  Mandarin and Russian translation came from Minako Kojima and Sergey Kulik.

And a big thanks to all you wonderful people for making it such a wonderful contest. We have always cherished your feedback and suggestions, so keep sending them at

Till next time, it’s adios.

See you at the contest.

Team CodeChef

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