A younger generation of programmers is paving its way, join the league

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Before we proceed any further with this post, it is only fair to apologize for the prolonged delay in putting it up (and for some other posts following this one). So, a big Sorry to you all. There are several factors accountable for the delay, but we will not be discussing them. Instead, will come straight to our fifth edition of the Lunchtime, the October Lunchtime 2013. With every passing Lunchtime, we are getting one-step closer to our ultimate goal of having school students take up programming in their early age. That is one of many things that had us look up to the contest on every last Sunday of the month.

Seeing the young programmers from across the globe battle it out against each other, is a sheer sight of pleasure. With October Lunchtime a familiar name from our long challenges, Vineet Paliwal, made his debut as the problem setter and editorialist for CodeChef. Welcome aboard Vineet. Accompanying Vineet on the problem-setting bench was Roman Rubanenko, again a familiar face. And adding extra flavor to the contest was Sergey Kulik, with the Russian translations for the problems. With all that, the only thing missing from our October Lunchtime was the pinch of action, and that was added as soon as the contest started.

The participants started munching on the problems right from the initial stage of the contest. And as we went on with it, the young programmers seemed in a bit of hurry in their quest to the top. With some familiar names atop the rank list, and few others crawling towards the top, we felt warm and contented. As it was the initial signs of a new crop of programmers who will go on to become the pros of tomorrow. We will be alongside you all to see you blossom as great programmers and will provide all necessary guidance and support needed to make that happen.

With that, it is time to introduce you to the next big things through our October Lunchtime 2013 rank list.

If we have to go by the contest stats, the stay atop the rank tables is not going to be a cozy one. You do not believe us; have a look at the contest stats:

  • Total Users: 414
  • Total Submissions: 2104
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 195
  • Total users from India: 351
  • Total users not from India: 63

A big round of applause for all the participants, who are going to make life tough for them.

A heating up contest is a bright sign of a great outcome, and that is what we are expectant of from our Lunchtime. Therefore, we express our gratification towards each and everyone who contributed for making it a successful contest. We hope to get your constant love, and support for all our future contests.

If you have feedback, suggestions, or anything you want to say do write in to us at feedback@codechef.com.

We will be back with more contests, but for now, it is Good-bye from us all.

Team CodeChef

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