Mercury drops further with November Cook-Off

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For a lot of us, the November Cook-Off 2013 was yet another reason to celebrate. While the problems added to the flavors of the month, the competition among the participants dropped the mercury for everyone taking part in the contest. The numbers, in comparison to some other high-participation-cook-offs, were not soaring high, but despite that, the contest was convivial.

The responsibility to make November Cook-Off fun for us all was well handled by our problem-setting panel. While, the flavors of the contest in the problems came from Vineet Paliwal, to test them of taste we had Roman Rubanenko, who also added a pinch of Russian flavor with the translations. The Mandarin translation came from Minako Kojima. Completing the joy of the contest, the editorials came from Shang Jingbo. The participants liked what they saw and as soon as the problems were unveiled, they starting munching on them.

While everybody enjoyed the contest, the race to the top of the rank table was heating up with every passing minute into the contest. mikhailOK was the first one to make the mark on the contest with his accepted submission on AMIFIB inside the first two minutes into the contest. However, it was uwi, who sealed the contest with a score of perfect 5, with 0 penalties. The only other participant to have a score of 5 with 0 penalties was gerald, who stood 4th in the rank tables. Amid all that, we found a sight of sheer pleasure in anudeep2011’s 5th position. To have an Indian among the top 10 in a Cook-Off is a rare sight, but we would want you all to change that, just like Anudeep. Big congratulations to all the winners and participants.

Now, let us move towards the rank tables.

Now the Indian top 5:

The final stats for the contest were as follows:

  • Total Users: 699
  • Total Submissions: 3126
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 363
  • Total users from India: 554
  • Total users not from India: 145

Congratulations to all the participants and winners for taking part in November Cook-Off 2013 and making it fun.

Now, we move towards the December Challenge 2013, which is the final long challenge of 2013 and a great chance to strengthen your ACM ICPC preparations. So, mark your schedulers and do not forget to be there.

We hope you had a good time through our contests, however, if you have something to say, shoot it straightway at We love hearing from you people.

That is all from everybody here at CodeChef. Until next contest, adios people.

Team CodeChef

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