A contest of minimum moves

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Winter perhaps is the most beautiful time of the year. It makes the environs alluring, and us, lazy. Thus, the delay in putting up the blog posts for our recent contests. Our November Lunchtime was set up in a mildly chilly Sunday morning, and despite the falling temperature, there was no drop in the warmth of the contest.

The young minds from different part of the globe were up and ready to feast upon the problem set of Sergey Kulik, who was the editorialist and Russian translator for the contest. And a fantastic one in all three departments. His problem set were tested by Roman Rubanenko, who has been a part of 5 Lunchtimes out of the 6 that we had till now, making him a well-liked name in the programming community. Accompanying them on the panel was Minako Kojima, with her Mandarin translation of the problem statements. With everything in place, we were all set for an engaging contest, on a beautiful Sunday morning.

The November Lunchtime had a rather calm opening, with the first submission coming in the 15th minute of the contest. However, that can also be because the initial technical glitch which forced us to go offline for some time. Although we came back quickly, we are still sorry for it. To make up for the initial hiccup we extended the contest to give everyone a fair shot at the problems. As soon as we came back, the submissions came pouring in and kept coming all through the contest. Our winner zeulb, announced his arrival in the 15th minute by cracking NUMBERS in his first submission. It was soon followed by another successful submission on LMA1. With two in two, zeulb made his intentions very clear. However, yutaka1999 seemed unperturbed, with that and made it tough for him to get away with the contest. While zeulb made 6 submission to emerge as a winner, yutaka1999 took the first runner up spot in 4. All that indicates the development of a healthy competition in coming Lunchtime contests and we shall keep a close watch on it.

As the battle at the top of the table, the fight among the other participants also kept on growing, keeping everybody interested in the contest until the very end. To see who ranked where, let us meet and greet our top ten winners from the rank table. These are names of some of the brightest budding programmers among us, and we will be seeing a lot of them in coming time.

  • zeulb of SMAK 3 BPK Penabur, Gunung Sahari, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • yutaka1999 of Kaisei Junior High School and Senior High School, Japan
  • mbrc of South Point High School
  • tonynater of Aragon High School San Mateo, California
  • andres96 of Tallinn Secondary Science School Tallinn Estonia
  • scipianus of Stefan Procopiu High School Vaslui Romania
  • ufozgg of Fuzhou No.1 High School China
  • meteora of Chashak Gurukul (Homeschooling) Mumbai
  • kianoosh of Allameh Helli High Schools
  • seyedparsa of Allameh Helli High Schools

All budding programmers along with many others who took part in our Lunchtime contest have already announced their arrival on the big stage and are set to take on the big guns soon. So, let us put our hands together and congratulate all these talented individuals.

The total stats for the November Lunchtime 2013 were as below:

  • Total Users: 365
  • Total Submissions: 1466
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 267
  • Total users from India: 303
  • Total users not from India: 62

With that, we would wrap up the tale of the November Lunchtime, which despite the few hiccups, turned out to be a fun contest for everyone associated with it. We hope you are enjoying the dropping temperatures as much as we are, and on yet another fine chilly Sunday morning we will see you all with our December Lunchtime 213. It will be the final contest of the year, so in anticipation of ending the year on a high, we invite you all to take part in it.

For all the love, you can always reach us at feedback@codechef.com. We love receiving both from you all.

Till next Lunchtime, adios from everyone here at CodeChef.

Team CodeChef

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