The arrival of a new crop of champs

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Quick thinking and quicker implementation, they say, are the virtue of great programmers. It also accounts for their success in various coding competitions. Especially, in the shorter format, like our Cook-Offs. Look at our short contest rank table, and you will know what we are talking about. You will find names that are admired globally in the competitive programming fraternity. Participate in our Cook-Offs and you will experience the sheer brilliance of these brilliant individuals. This is why when a new name tops the rank table in a short contest it forthwith catches our attention. That is what exactly happened in our December Cook-Off 2013.

Like every Cook-Off, we were set for a fiery contest on yet another second last Sunday of the month, waiting eagerly for you all to munch on the problems of the contest. Tasnim Imran Sunny tested the problems crafted by Gerald Agapov, aptly to make them suitable for the contest. The desert for the contest in the editorials for the problems was penned down by shangjingdo. The spices for the contest in the form of Russian and Mandarin translation came from Sergey Nagin and Minako Kojima.

With everything in place, the contest began started bang on time. The contest, after the quiet first five minutes, got its first submission, which also was the first accepted submission of the contest. Now, we have had first submission as the accepted one earlier as well, but this one was a special one. That is because it came from one of our little geniuses, acmonster. The username might have a monster in it, but this little genius hails from Nanjing Foreign Language School, Jiangsu Nanjing. To get first accepted submission from a school student is not something we call “expected,” and is something that came to us as a pleasing gift from the going year. It gave us joy and hope for the coming year. Things got even sweeter once the contest came to end, as acmonster, evolved as the winner for the last Cook-Off of 2013.

In a contest, featuring seasoned campaigners like uwimikhailOK and many others to have a winner from a school was just apt end to the year, which were inception of our CodeChef For Schools initiative and the birth of a dedicated programming series for school students in CodeChef Lunchtime. And we hope that the emergence of school students among the top programmers across the globe will continue in the coming year as well. So, in anticipation to see many of our school geniuses make mark in the big league, let’s take you through the rank table of the final Cook-Off of 2013.

Let us start with the global top 10:

Now, the Indian top 5:

Let us have a look at the total stats of the contest:

  • Total Users: 958
  • Total Submissions: 3273
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 676
  • Total users from India: 828
  • Total users not from India: 130

We have thoroughly enjoyed the amazing competition between the seasoned campaigners and the new kids on the block in December Cook-Off 2013 and we hope you did too. This means we have a lot to look forward to and we hope you all will give many more.

With that, we now only have the December Lunchtime 2013 to cover up for you, and we shall be doing that rather soon.

However, until we do that, you send us your thoughts, feedbacks, and wishes to us at “”

That is all for now from CodeChef.

See you at the contest.


Team CodeChef

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