The year 2014 starts with a bang – January Challenge 2014

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Amid the flying sheets of New Year resolutions it was a tad tough to focus entirely on putting up the contest, so, instead of putting those resolution sheets into the recycle bin a week later, we did it on the first Friday of the year itself. Thus began, 2014. Happy New Year everyone.

The first challenge for the year 2014 came from the proficient panel of problem setters including David Stolp, Kaushik Iska, Konstantin Sokol, Mugurel Ionut Andreica, Nikhil Garg, Roman Rubanenko, Sergey Nagin, Tuan Anh, and Vivek Hamirwasia. With such capable hands drafting the problem set, we were assured of a great start to the year, and our testing panel comprising Gerald Agapov and Mahbub provided us an extra cushion to relax. The editorials for the ten testing problems of the contest came from Shangjingbo, which was just a cherry atop the cake. The flavors of Mandarin and Russian to the contest came from Minako Kojima and Sergey kulik. With that star-studded problem-setting panel, we were all set to kick off the opening long challenge of the year.

In all our contests there are participants who want to do well, and then there are participants who wants to write their names all over it. ACRush and Gennady, falls in the second category. Now, there have been instances when their preeminence was challenged, but the number of those instances is yet way far from getting anyone’s attention. However, with every passing contest we are seeing individuals that are adept enough to dethrone the two aforementioned mighties. And the January Challenge 2014 was no different.

This time the name that caught our attention was Alexey Zayakin, who hails from Riga Secondary School 89, Latvia. Still in his school days, Alexey has already made his mark on the big stage with his consistent performance in our monthly challenges. Along with Alexey, Dong Honghua of Shaoxing No.1 High School Zhejiang was another name from our emerging crop of programmers who made it big in the January Challenge. Even on the home front, we had some promising new names, and some other consistent ones. Names like Jitendra S Chauhan, Antarpreet Singh, kancha, were the new shining ones along with the rather familiar names including Saurabh Vats, Deepankar Anil Kumar, Gaurav Tiwari and many others. The scoreboard featuring names of emerging champions amid the established ones indicates towards good things to come in future and that is what the stats for the contest suggests as well. Check them yourself:

  • Total Users: 5242
  • Total Submissions: 81382
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 4548
  • Total users from India: 4222
  • Total users not from India: 1020

We hope that all those figures will go up as we progress into the year. And with that will get to meet many potential champions. For now, let us meet the champions of the January Challenge.

Firstly, the non-Indian top 10:

And now the Indian top 20:

Congratulations to all the stars of the first rank table of 2014. Now, let us move on to our special achievers category.

Firstly, the non-Indian users with highest score for challenge problem apart from our winners:

Now, the Indian users;

Finally, the little geniuses from Schools who made it big in the January Challenge 2014:

The non-Indian top 5:

The Indian top 5:

Congratulations to all the winners.

The January Challenge 2014, while brought us many new shining names, it also marked homecoming for many of our old champions like scli, which gives us one more reason to look forward to the coming contests. We hope that the ripple that the January Challenge created will go on and bring us many events that are more memorable.

With that, we wind up the proceedings of the January Challenge. Do share with us your thoughts and feedback on the contest, along with the suggestions for the future contest. Your thoughts empower us to do well for you all.

Till next time, have fun.

Grace and Peace.
Team CodeChef

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