Look back at February Cook-Off 2014

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Concealed in the widespread span of February Challenge, the Cook-Off has had the stage all lit up for it. There were some requests regarding its rescheduling, but because of our fixed calendar, we were unable to take any of them. And, it turned out to be a wise decision. The problem set came from Shiplu Hawlader and Tasnim Imran Sunny, tested them. The detailed editorials for the contest came from Lalit Kundu. The Russian and Mandarin translations for the problems came from Gerald Agapov and Minako Kojima.

The Cook-Off came as a break free zone in the ten-day duration of the long challenge. The start of the Cook-Off was not very different from the long challenge as it too met a bump at the start. It was a kind of déjà vu for us, but not a pleasing one. We wanted to get out of it as soon as possible. Thankfully, we did get out of it in few minutes. The Cook-Off had some shades of the long challenge, be it the same set of translators, or the initial bump. While we cherished the former, we cannot say the same about the later. But, all’s well that ends well. And for us, the Cook-Off did end well.

The problem set for the Cook-off looked like a smooth sail at the beginning of the contest. However, that changed by the time the contest got over. There were only three contestants, who cracked all of the five problems during the contest, and they were our top three. The competition among the top three was furious and it was only after the contest we met our winner. While, the top of the table presented a familiar sight, with surprise entry in dj3500, the bottom half of the table was adorned by the big three from India, the knsn, djdolls, and anudeep2011. A pleasing sight it was, and we hope to see it more often.

To let you know, who stands where in the rank table? Let us take you through it:

Now our Indian Top Five:

Here are the final stats of the contest:

  • Total Users: 1280
  • Total Submissions: 5488
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 1216
  • Total users from India: 1161
  • Total users not from India: 119

Sincere congratulation to everyone for their brilliant performance and all the best for the future contests.

With that, we reach to the end of our long stretched February blog post covering the long challenge and the cook-off in one. We know it took us too long to put up this post, and we are sorry about it. We hope to better our frequency of blog posts covering our contest and to bring you all the updates from CodeChef’s kitchen as and when they happen.

Now, we move towards the pending February Lunchtime post, with all the details of the performance of our little geniuses. So, keep watching this space. In the meantime, send us your feedback, suggestions, and queries, to feedback@codechef.com.

Till next time, it is TA-TA from CodeChef

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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