The Anniversary Long Challenge 2014

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March, we would say is not the happiest time of the year. You can put it on the scorching sun outside, or can blame it on all the closings and examinations approaching. Whatever it is, it does not put March in the favorites list of many. However, contrary to many, we like March just as much as any other time of the year, for it marks our anniversary. Moreover, this year, we completed five years of code trotting, so it was special. We decided to celebrate it with you all through our t-shirt design and trivia contests. We got wonderful response for both of our contests, and we hope you all enjoyed them too. We were still not done with our anniversary celebrations, and we found ourselves confronting the March Challenge 2014. Although the preparations for the contest were all in place well beforehand, the final minute heebie-jeebies are always there. For that, we brushed ourselves up and headed towards the anniversary long challenge. Now, let us see how it was.

Our monthly long challenges have been a great platform for the fledgelings to display their flair. The March Challenge was no different either. The contest started with nine problems on the table, as the tenth one needed a tad more garnishing. The participants seemed contented with the nine problems in the offering and were seen munching on them joyfully. Most of the early goers into the contest enjoyed their calm Walk, while some other found joy in Team Split. Majority of the submissions made on the first day of the March Challenge 2014, were on the two previously mentioned problems, but they were not the only ones to find love in the opening day of the contest. As we moved into the contest, the submissions started flowing equally for all the problems. The Little chef and numbers, did not see many submissions in the early days, but received plethora of them as the contest progressed. And by the end of the contest the number of submissions was colossal.

While the lesser fancied were busy on the lighter end of the problem set, the big guns planned their move towards the top, battling the hard problems thrown at them, by our star studded panel of problem setters featuring Anudeep Nekkanti, Bruno Oliviera, Dmytro Berezin, Gerald Agapov, Konstantin Sokol, Sergey Nagin, Shiplu Hawlader, Tuan Anh, and Vivek Hamirwasia. It is worth mentioning that Anudeep Nekkanti, who made his debut as a CodeChef  problem setter with this contest will also be representing India, with his team in the forthcoming ACM ICPC 2014 World Finals in Ekaterinburg. Let us give him a warm Welcome and best of luck for the World Finals. The testing of the problem set came from Mahbubul Hasan, while the Shang Jingbo penned down the editorials for them. The spices in the form of the Russian and Mandarin translation for the problems came from Gerald Agapov and Minako Kojima. These adroit individuals were and have been behind many delicious problem sets like this one. And we are always pleased to have them onboard.

The March Challenge did start with nine problems, but the tenth problem was added within couple of hours of start of the contest and since then it was all good until the final stages of the contest. That is when the few blank spaces in the test data of the problem The Street forced us to rejudge all the WA submissions. This was followed by the corrections made in the test data of the problem SSTORY towards the end of the contest and forcing yet another rejudge. No amount of apology can make up to the huge inconvenience caused to the participants in the final stages of the contest, and thus, with our apology we extended the contest by one more day. It means that the March Challenge was now of 11 days, and going by the response from the participants, it seemed a rather fair and fruitful decision. And the rightful conclusion to the contest.

Apart from the glitches towards the end, the March Challenge was a brilliant competition adorned by huge number of submissions, great competition, and some new names on the rank table. Among all the new names that made it to the final rank table, the ones that caught our attention the most were daiver19, dreamoon4, and aawisong. That is because all three of them were making their debut on CodeChef. Going by their debut, they very well can be the new crop of champions, which can threaten the reigns of our existing victors. However, that is all in the future and we cannot foresee what is in the store for us. However, what we can see is the rank tables for our March Challenge 2014, and the stars sparkling on that.

So, let us meet the stars. Firstly, the non-Indian top 10:

Then, our Indian top 20:

Now, we move on to the special achievers category. We will start with top three non-Indian and Indian users who have highest scores for challenge problem apart from the winners.

Non-Indian Top 3:

Indian Top 3:

Now, we move towards the school participants: The non-Indian top 5:

The Indian top 5:

Congratulations to all the participants for their performance.

Now, the final stats for the contest:

  • Total Users: 5212
  • Total Submissions: 96097
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 4282
  • Total users from India: 4244
  • Total users not from India: 968

We already are rather late in putting up this blog post for March Challenge, and with every word it is being further delayed. Therefore, we will end it. However, before we go, we would like to tell you that the editorials for the contest are up and we hope you have enjoyed them to fullest. If you have not, go, and taste them now:

That is all from us for now. We will soon come back with the rest of the blog posts. However, until then, keep writing your feedback, bugs, and suggestions to us at

You can also reach us at (022) – 30797709 on weekdays from 11:00 am to 08:00 pm.

Till next post, TA-TA everybody.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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