The return of the tourist on a hard turf

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Set on the Easter Sunday, our April Cook-Off 2014 already had a festive tone set for it. With all the colorful Easter parties happening all around, we were delirious about our Cook-Off. By no means, it was less than a fun Easter party. There were loads of people working hard to come up with the best solution to the five problems in the two and half hour extent of the contest. The best thing about this revelry of ours was that we had guests from all over the globe. Therefore, putting our party hats on, we delved into the proceedings of the April Cook-Off 2014. And, with this post, we will relive all those fantastic moments once again.

After the big fat April Challenge 2014, we were high in spirits for our April Cook-Off as well. The Cook-Off was again received with great enthuse by the partakers, and as always it was a sheer treat for us here in the office. As the clock struck 9:30 IST on the hot Sunday night of the Cook-Off, the participants ushered in the contest with their submissions. Unperturbed by its name, most of the submissions in the wee moments of the contest came on SNAPE. With this, the problem setter Vinayak Garg had given most of the participants a reason to smile. While the flurry of submissions continued on SNAPE, there were some trying their hands on other problems also. Although it took some time for them to get hold of the other problems, we started seeing submissions on the other problems as well.

The first half of April Cook-Off 2014 perhaps was the most exciting first half of any Cook-Offs in recent times. We saw plethora of submissions flowing in right from the start, but most of them were on a single problem. Therefore, while SNAPE got a lot of love in the start (that is a strange sounding sentence), the remaining four BICO, TCP, DIREL, and LOGO were not very easy to crack. And, even the total number of submissions combined on all these problems was not even close to that of the SNAPE. This made the second half of the contest a tad dull. Seeing all this, it is only fair to say that the problem set this time around was a tad on the difficult side. However, it was tough to tell so, at the beginning of the contest.

Now, while the falling numbers were marring our initial thrill, the return of gennady.korotkevich gave us some joy. Gennady was making a comeback to the Cook-Offs after 14 months, so it was thrilling as well as gratifying. You can put it on the hard problem set, but his return was in no way the ideal comeback that you dream of. Despite securing the top spot in the rank tables inside the first hour of the contest and holding on to it until the last minute, even he was not able to crack all the five problems and thus the McHefs 3D Logo remained devoid of any submissions. He did give it a shot in the final minutes of the contest, but got no success. However, that had no affect in the outcome of the contest and as expected, he topped the rank table when the clock struck 12:00 pm, the scheduled end time of the contest.

Now, let us meet our winners featuring in the rank tables:

We will start with the non-India top ten:

Now, the Indian top five:

Congratulations to all the participants for their amazing performance.

The final stats for the contest were as follows:

  • Total Users: 1562
  • Total Submissions: 3088
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 1509
  • Total users from India: 1338
  • Total users not from India: 224

The contest indeed was an exciting one, with some testing problems for the participants. So, let us meet and thank the problem-setting panel for all their efforts. We start with our problem setter Vinayak Garg for the fiery problem set. The tester & Russian translator Gerald Agapov and Mandarin translator Minako Kojima for spicing them up with their translations. Finally, the editorialist Constantine Sokol for providing probably, the most vital dish for this Cook-Off, if you have not tasted them yet, go check them out. They will help you get over the distress of not solving enough problems during the contest.

We hope you will like the editorials and will wield your programming proficiency for many such tests in the future.

We will now be wrapping up this post and move towards the next one in line, the April Lunchtime 2014. However, not before thanking you all for being part of yet another brilliant contest and hope to see you around.

You can always send you love, feedback, and suggestions to us at You can even catch us at (022) – 30797709 (between 11:00 am to 8:00 pm IST during weekdays) for any queries or inquiries you might have.

That will be all from us, for now.

Till next contest, Good-bye everyone.

Team CodeChef

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