The pre-admission jitters in May Challenge 2014

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Long Challenges are special. They have always been like that. To us and we are sure to many of you. And we all have our own sweet reasons for that. If you are a beginner, you will cherish them for all the learning that you get out of them, while if you are a pro, it gives you enough time to polish, plan, and present your best move. Whichever side of spectrum you are in, we love seeing you all fight it out during the ten days of our Long Challenges.

With all that, our May Challenge 2014 was a special one for one more reason. It was the first instance when a premier institute in Indian had introduced CodeChef in their admission curriculum. Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-Delhi) in one of its kind move required the M. Tech applicants to take part in our May Challenge 2014. The entire details of the program can be read here. We thank the management of IIITD and hope the applicants had a great time participating in the contest.

Now, let us have a tour-de-May Challenge 2014. The post has already been delayed for quite a long time, so, without further adieu we will try to cover as many highlights of those ten days in as few words as possible.

The May Challenge started on a pleasing note with two accepted submissions inside the first five minutes of the contest. Both were on OJUMPS, which turned out to be the easiest problem and received around 4.5k submissions during the course of the competition. Newbies making their first submission in the contest enjoyed the easier problems in the first half of the contest, which is always a great sign. Problems that saw maximum submissions during the contest were Stone, Compilers and parsers, and Chef and Strange Matrix. We hope you enjoyed them too.

After the easy first half, the race to the top of the rank table got serious with avolchek and djdolls making it tough for their rivals to dethrone them. And after ruling the rank tables in the first half of the contest, this was expected of them. However, it was not a smooth sail even for them. They too had a tough time solving the mystery of Sereja and Subsegment Increasings. And to add to their woes there was The Malaysian Flight Search. And while djdolls successfully defended his rein atop the rank tables, avolchek fell over the precipice of aawisong & mugurelionut ending up at third place in the contest. However, in the end, it was beautiful last leg of the contest to watch. And to know who stood were in the rank tables. Let us take you through them.

We will start with the non-Indian top ten:

Now, the Indian top twenty:

We now move on to our special achievers category.

And we start with the top three Indians with highest scores in challenge problem:

The non-Indian top three:

Now let us meet our little geniuses from schools.

Firstly, the non-Indian top five:

And our Indian top five;

Congratulations to all you brilliant minds. We hope you enjoyed the contest.

All those names in the rank tables made their way through a thick galore of participants from all quarters of the globe. It is worth mentioning that the May Challenge 2014 saw the highest number of participation in any our Long Challenges. And to give you a clear perspective here are the final stats of the contest:

  • Total Users: 6088
  • Total Submissions: 86050
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 5011
  • Total users from India: 5084
  • Total users not from India: 1004

With that whooping figures and plenty of M. Tech aspirants starting their programming journey in the new academic session, the May Challenge 2014 concluded. And left behind so many fond memories to cherish for us all in the coming time. We hope you too have a story or two to share about the May Challenge, and we would love to hear them. So, if you want you can share them with us at

With that, let us bring curtains down on the May Challenge 2014. However, not before we take you to the editorials for the May Challenge 2014. Enjoy the knowledge-filled editorials and sharpen you programming skills for the coming contests.

That is all from CodeChef’s kitchen. Send us your queries & quarrels, while we prepare the next blog post, the May Cook-off 2014.

Till then, adios people.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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  1. It should be noted that 2 rare events happened in May Long Challenge 2014:
    – equality of 2 scores for the first place (mugurelionut & aawisong)
    – optimal solutions were submitted for the challenge problem (by the same two contestants in the first place)

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