A close shave for yutaka1999 at the LunchTime

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With every LunchTime contest, we are seeing new names announcing their arrival at the big stage. Some of them have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the world-programming circle, while some others are in the process of paving their way to glory. Moreover, it gives us immense pleasure to have been a part of this wonderful journey that we all have embarked upon. There is still a long way to go, and we will come across many new names, many new champions along the way. And we will celebrate them all with the same joy & fervor. For now, it is time to relive the course of May LunchTime 2014.

The May LunchTime 2014 like all other LunchTime contests we have had started on a pleasing note, with not much rush. However, the urgency was there among the participants to emerge atop the rank list. And the fight was on right from the beginning. The first one to get the green tick of happiness was yutaka1999, Kaisei Junior High School and Senior High School, Japan who cracked the APPROX2 problem with his first submission in the seventh minute of the contest. However, after the initial bang, he had to wait for a good half an hour to see another of those green ticks.

Unlike yutaka1999, kaizero of Seoul Science High School, South Korea was not so lucky with his first submission and got his first accepted submission in the fifteenth minute on DIVSUBS. Now, he might have been a late bloomer in the contest, but after solving the first problem, kaizero never looked back and in next 30 minutes, he cracked the APPROX2 & BNGAME as well. With three problems in his kitty in the first hour of the contest, there were not many doubting kaizero as the winner for the May LunchTime. However, those on the rank tables had different thoughts.

Inside the first hour of the contest, we saw nihalpi1 of Late P.B. Jog Junior College, Pune closing up on kaizero and we got right behind him. Like we do for all our participants. Soon, yutaka1999 & zeulb overtook nihalpi1. Moreover, after the first hour of the contest it seemed as the final race to the top. However, kaizero did not made life easy for them in the fast lane and firmly held on to his position atop the rank table. Thus claimed his first ever LunchTime. Congratulations to him on his blistering performance. And to see where his counterparts stood on the rank tables, let us have a tour of the final rank list of our May LunchTime 2014.

We will start with the non-Indian top 10:

Now the Indian top 10:

Congratulations to all the winners.

Here are the final stats of the contest:

  • Total Users: 976
  • Total Submissions: 4355
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 752
  • Total users from India: 881
  • Total users not from India: 95

Both the rank tables, while had some familiar names, it was the new names that brought the real joy for us. kaizero, our winner was taking part only in his second LunchTime contest, and to have him sitting on top of the rank table will be an encouragement to many new comers. We are sure that the coming LunchTime contests will see many new names and many new winners.

With that, we put an end to the May LunchTime 2014 tale. We hope you all loved it, as much you loved and enjoyed the contest. However, if you still have any tales to tell or quarrels to quarrel, we would love to hear them all. So shoot them all at: feedback@codechef.com.

That will be all folks.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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