Three perfect scores in one contest

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Our July was happy and busy. Of course, there were times when we found ourselves wishing for it to get over, but we are not going to talk about them. It is a fresh blog post (a tad delayed as well), so let us get on with it. The July Long Challenge 2014 concealed too much action in its confines for us all and we hope you enjoyed it thoroughly. It has been five years now, but still the fear of goofing up a contest is always there in our subliminal minds whenever we are nearing one. The arrival of July Challenge was not different. However, contrary to some of our infamous goof ups, it was a walk down the park. Yes, it did start with six problems, but their mesmerizing flavors kept everyone far from missing the remaining four. Moreover, taking advantage of that, we served the remaining four problems, two on the same day, & two on the second day of the contest, with lots of love poured on them.

The problem-setting panel for the July Challenge featured Gerald Agapov, Vitaliy Herasymiv, Lalit Kundu, Vivek Hamirwasia, Vitalij Kozhukhivskij, Sergey Nagin, and Dmytro Berezin, all of whom have so many great contests against their names, and it was utmost pleasing to have them. We hope you enjoyed cracking the problems, and perhaps would have taken a lesson or two from all of them. Shang Jingbo and Gerald Agapov, both of them who have immaculate taste as a problem setter, did the testing of the problems to be contest ready. The cherry on top as the editorials came from our young editorialist Devendra Agarwal. The extra flavors in Mandarin and Russian translations came from Minako Kojima & Gedi Zheng and Sergey Kulik respectively. It is always nice to have different flavors for the problems and we are sure you enjoyed them meticulously. With that, let us move away from the pleasantries and relive the wonderful moments from the contest.

The eyes of the participants lit up as soon as the problems were unveiled. And suddenly everyone forgot that four of the problems were missing. Without disturbing them, we started working towards the remaining problems, of which two were added on the very same day, while the other two were served during the first weekend. The contest opened with a accepted submission on Count Substrings, which turned out to be the easiest problem of the contest and fetched maximum submissions. And we are sure a majority of them were accepted. With a over 1K submissions less than Count Substrings, Reach The Point was the second most popular problem of the contest. They both saw plethora of accepted submissions and became the reason of smile to many.

As the contest progressed, the participants started enjoying the Garden Game, and Chef and Frogs almost equally. By this time, the remaining two problems were added to the contest, and now we were sailing towards the half way mark of the contest. The period of fun & games was approaching its closure and the race to the top was on. But that doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop, and it did not. Plenty of new users joined the contest in the second half, and the party kept going on.

As we inched towards the final weekend of the July Challenge 2014,we expected the rank tables to be pretty much like what we have had in the past. However, it was nowhere near that. The names topping the charts were not that we had known for long, and the numbers were touching new heights. In the final weekend, we had emkjp sitting atop the rank list with a score of perfect 10 and accompanying were demidenko & stolis. And we were pleased to see new names topping the chart. However, in the back of our mind we were expecting a strike down from the pros in ACRush & mugurelionut, who also were seen on the tables. The Indian rank table was led by djdolls, who this time around had win_ay & praneethiitr accompanying him on the charts. As we approached the final moments of the contest, the big guns snatched the top spots painting the July Challenge 2014 in their own color. However, it was a close finish with ACRush, mugurelionut, and rns4 all getting a perfect score of 10. It seemed an apt ending to a contest, which had almost every aspect of a fun filled competitive programming contest. And, we congratulate all the participants for making it so.

Now, let us meet our winners.

We start with the non-Indian top 10:

The Indian top twenty:

Now, let us move towards the special achievers category.

We start with the the little wizards from schools outside India:

Now, from schools in India:

Finally, the special achievers with highest score for the challenge problem GERALD09, apart from the winners:

First, the non-Indian top three:

Now, the Indian top three:

Congratulations to all the winners for their brilliant performance and all the best for the coming one.

Now, let us give you a tad devilish stats for the July Challenge 2014. Why do we call it devilish? You check yourself.

  • Total Users: 6666  🙂
  • Total Submissions: 134534
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 5229
  • Total users from India: 5569
  • Total users not from India: 1097

That is all that we have for you from our July Challenge 2014. We are sure you all must be having your own interesting set of stories about the contest and we want to hear them all. So, shoot them to us at

With that we bring down curtains to the tale of July Challenge 2014 and move towards cooking up another tale for the July Cook-off 2014. We will be serving it soon. So keep watching this space.

Till then, it’s bye-bye from CodeChef.

See you all at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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