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We remember that in the year 2009, immediately after the one and only online contest that we hosted onsite the “SnackDown”, we had conducted a survey on the features most needed by the finalists of that contest. And Facebook connect was unanimously lying at the bottom.

However, in a rare “do it against the users’ wish” move, we went ahead and implemented the Facebook login a year later. We were convinced that most of us would be on Facebook sooner rather than later and bragging about our achievements is not such a passé even for the geekiest among us all. And this did help to quite a few of us, specially to reach out to the new programmers.

Since then, the frequent changes by Facebook have left us trailing behind in terms of keeping up with their API. This has resulted in sporadic bugs here and there. Therefore, when our intern Karandeep Bhatia joined the team, our chefs decided to take up all the issues that you faced with Facebook connect and address them all at once. They have been working rigorously on revamping the Facebook login module and have sprinkled a pinch of new publishing events as well. And, starting today, we have sugared the pot for you all.

Let us take you through what has been revamped & what new is waiting for you.

New ways to broadcast your achievements:

If you have connected your Facebook accounts with CodeChef you can now simply go to permissions or straight to “Facebook Settings” in your profile, and can choose the events, you want to share or publish with your family & friends on Facebook.

You can brag about each of the following events:

  • Share every time you solve 50 problems.
  • Share the jump in your ratings.
  • Share when you are among the top 100 in a contest.
  • Share when you are among top 10 in your country.
  • Share the contest you are taking part in.
  • Share whenever you are among the top contributors of the month in our discussion forum.

Well, that is a lot of sharing, so, you better get on it. Go ahead connect your Facebook account and let your friends & family know you’re awesome.

The feature is still in its infancy days, so if you come across any fumble here & there kindly do report them to us. As you, have done in the past. However, before you contact us, if you face any issues with login, please remove CodeChef app from your Facebook Apps list and try re-connecting again. It is your profile, it is your community, help us optimize it. All we can do is give a gentle “Poke” with the little things we do, and hope that you “Like” it.

So, do let us know what you think of the recent developments. You can write to us at or can give us a call at the following number:

Office: (022) – 30797709 (Mon – Fri 11am to 8pm)

Till next time.

Adios Everybody!

Team CodeChef

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