Another bumpy ride and another blissful outcome

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It is very important that you learn from the past. The lessons you take from the mistakes you’ve made in the past becomes the building blocks of a brighter future ahead for you. We absolutely believe in that and like to take as much learning as possible from every tumble we take, the most recent being our June Cook-Off 2014. After the chaotic June Cook-off we were all set for what may come in the July Cook-Off 2014. Or at least we thought so. But we really were ready this time, and the smooth start to the contest reinforced our believe.

The July Cook-off 2014 opened to a gala reception belittling any opening we ever had for any of our Cook-Offs. And that just broadened the smiles that we had on our faces. It might sound a tad clichéd, but it was a dream start to the contest. Inside the first half an hour of the contest we had broken all the records in terms of participation and suddenly there were high fives floating all over. Not because we had the highest participation till now, but because there was no glitch this time around.  However, it was not a long lived joy for us.

As we moved into the contest (after 45 minutes) the scenes at the contest started changing with the submission queue growing farcically. And sadly for us, it never came down. The party was over for us, and it call came down falling like a pack of cards for us. Questions were raised regarding our capabilities and functionalities, and we took them all sportingly and answered them all with all our honesty. We even put up a blog post elaborating everything right and wrong about the July Cook-Off 2014 for everyone to know what exactly happened during the contest.

Every time something like this happens we feel utterly sorry and get sad. And that cannot be described in words. But we do not give up and after every such chaos we shall rise improved and stronger.

While the increased number of queue had affected the initial elation of the contest, it could not deter the joy of the participants. Despite such a major catastrophe, the July Cook-off brought us the highest participation with around 2430 users making a submission in the contest. Even the number of submissions this time around was 11500 plus. So, we can say that the July Cook-off brought with it, a mixed bag of emotions for us. And we hope you enjoyed the highs more than getting annoyed by the lows.

The onus of setting up the Cook-off was on the young shoulders of Roman Rubanenko, who cooked up some really delicious problems, which were equally well tested by Shiplu Hawlader. They both single handedly took blew everyone with the problems, and we hope you enjoyed them thoroughly. The final icing came as the editorials from Praveen Dhinwa, who has cooked editorials precisely to match the taste of the participants. The additional spices in Mandarin and Russian translation came from Minako Kojima & Gedi Zheng, and Vitalij Kozhukhivskij. The problem setting panel as always was bang on target with their problems, and now it was up to the users to feast on them. And how they feasted, we all know now.

The July Cook-off might have been filled with bumps & glitches, but we did had some wonderful performances from participants from all over the globe. The fight between sourspinach and gennady.korotkevich, which started from the very first moment of the contest, went all the way to the wire, where the mighty Gennady triumphed everyone to take home the July Cook-Off. We had some brilliant performances from Indian participants as well, with anudeep2011 & triveni. And to introduce you to all the winners of the Cook-Off, let us take you through our rank tables.

We start with the non-Indian top ten:

And now our Indian top 5:

A big round of applause for our wonderful winners and their fortitude. 😛

Now, let us present you the final stats of the contest:

  • Total Users: 2437
  • Total Submissions: 11635
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 2022
  • Total users from India: 2121
  • Total users not from India: 316

After all that happened during the contest, to see such amazing numbers on the stat chart is just heavenly. And we have no one, but all you wonderful people to thank for sticking with us through thick and thin. So, once again a big thanks to you all and high five.

With that we come to the end of the post, and to close the post on a sweet end let us give you the editorials from our August contests. They will help you better prepare for the coming contests, and with September Challenge going on, we’d suggest you go through them well.

So, let the nom begin:

Do share your feedback and queries on the editorials  in the comment section.

That brings us to the end of the blog post, and while we cook that up for you, why don’t you guys share your thoughts on the contest, the blog post, or any other topic that you might have in your mind with us at

We will come back again with a new blog post and a new story.

Till then adios amigos.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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