Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer

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In a memorable scene in Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather: Part II”, Michael Corleone visits his dad, Vito Corleone’s room and remembers many things his dad had taught him. One of those many teachings was to “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” That saying of don Corleone is the motivation behind our “Sets” feature, developed by one of our young interns, Kartik Singal. This will help you keep a hawk’s eye on your friends and foes alike. So, in the name of the Godfather, the son, and the legend, Francis F. Coppola, let us give you a brief run on the feature to have you know how things will run in this neighborhood. 🙂

  • To assemble your first Set, you need to go to your profile page, and click on the small “People” icon alongside the edit profile button. Yes that is a new addition to your profile page.

  • It will open up a new page, where you need to enter your “Set name” and a small description of the set. Because, you know, it’s cool to have a well described set and it helps you remember, what this set is about, as you may want to have different sets for your foes and friends. Your first set gets created.

  • Now, you can start populating it by adding members to your set by clicking on the “+” icon.

  • This is where it gets interesting. There are various filtering criterias that you can apply before adding a user to your set. You can filter the members you want to add to your set on the basis of:

    • His Country

    • His Institution

    • His default Programming Language

    • His Long Contest Rating

    • His Short Contest Rating
  • Once you have selected your filter and entered value that you want for that filter, you need to “Apply” it before selecting the username to be added to your set. You may get some assistance in adding the value for any filter.

  • You can apply multiple filters before moving to the Username field. Try and play around with it to see the power of zeroing on the right list of Usernames.

  • Most of the filters have an auto suggest, except for the “Long & Short Ratings Filter”, where you need to manually enter the rating ranges separated by “::” e.g 2000::3000, which means users who have rating points between 2000 and 3000.

  • Once you have applied all the filters, you will get a list of the usernames whom all the selected filters apply in the Username field as you type.

  • Furthermore, you can do a lot more with your sets, including:

    • Deleting one or more members from your set

    • Renaming the set

    • Delete the entire set

    • View the ranks of your set members in our monthly contests

    • View their contribution in our discussion forum.

With this functionality at your disposal, it’s now your time to suit up and watch how your friends, and foes as well, are faring on CodeChef.

In creating his feature, Kartik, in the company with our chefs, has done his part in bringing you closer the people that matter to you the most and now it’s all up to you how you want to play around. The idea behind this feature is to apply these sets on various future features that we are going to build. Possibilities are many.

We hope you will love this and make use of it the most. However, if you have any concerns, or find any bugs write them to us at

You can also find Kartik and if you do, feel free to thank him or thrash him for the bugs that may be there. 😛

Or you can just call us at: (022) – 30707709

Till next meeting, farewell everyone.

Team CodeChef

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