The revived rankings page

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A little refurbish can sometime revive the entire system. This is what we have attempted with our new rankings page. It was started by our intern Karthik, a couple of months ago and then it took us a while to review, polish and get the code pushed. The work is finally over and ready to be served.

Be it during or even after the contest, we believe that this new rankings page will have plenty to be your new playground. So, let us take you there and show you what all it has:

  • A new beautiful page – Apart from the other changes, now you can also see the flag and your institution alongside every username.

  • A single consolidated URL for every contest – Whether it be a Long Challenge or a Cook-Off or a LunchTime or any other contest hosted on CodeChef, you can see the ranking for that contest at this URL:{contest_code}. e.g. you can see the October Long Challnege rankings here:

  • Real time search – In the search bar, you can just type in the username whose ranking you want to see in the contest and you see the results immediately. You may also try typing in the institution name.

  • Find me – Unable to find where you appear in the ranklist? Just click on the “Find Me” icon on the top right corner of the page.

  • Filters – The single most feature that makes this ranking page so awesome! Now you can apply filters to the rankings based on your Institution, Institution Type (School/College/Organisation), Country and your own created Sets! We gave you sets a couple of months ago, but now is the time to unleash their true power. We are sure, you are going to love it.

  • Bookmark URL’s – Every filtered result has a bookmark URL. You can bookmark the rank list with your applied filters and search results and open it for future reference.

  • For those still looking for more, we also have a sort option on each column provided.

If you have ever had any doubts regarding different ranking mechanisms on CodeChef, we also now have a page listing them out here.

We hope you will like this. This is something that we wanted to do since quite sometime and finally we are able to give it to you. Do leave your feedback. Tell us if you like the feature or want something else in it.



Team CodeChef

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