CodeChef For Corporates

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It took us a while, but CodeChef is finally open for everyone!

What this means is that we are opening our platform to the corporates as well. We have received many emails from quite a few corporate organisations to use our platform. So far we have been refusing them as we did not want to deviate from our objective of being an educational initiative. However, having come this far, we have identified an opportunity that will benefit the community by doing this and hence we are opening up our platform for everyone. There are some things that do not change even now. We still remain a non-profit initiative and we will not be making any money from this exercise, nor will we be sharing any of our user’s information with the organizers.

Corporates will be able to use the platform for free to host their contests for any purpose that they want. However, we have jotted down certain criteria that every contest organizer must follow to use the platform.

  • We will not promote any product, service, or any commercial event.
  • We will not provide any user data to the organizers. The organizers will have to have a separate registration link for their event, if the need be.
  • The problem set for the contest will have to come from the organizers.
  • The problem set will be moved to our practice section for the community to try their hands on them. However, the time of moving them to practice section can be mutually agreed upon with the organizers.
  • The organizers will be primarily responsible to clear all the doubts of the participants pertaining to the problem set, results, selection/participation criterion, and/or any other query that may arise during the contest. However, the queries related to platform and its functionality will be handled by us.
  • The organizers should provide the editorials for their problem set, when they are moved to practice section. This is something that we look forward to in exchange of our contest hosting services.

Any further modification/alteration in the guidelines will be conveyed accordingly.

Team CodeChef

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