The last long challenge for 2014

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Set on the backdrop of ACM ICPC regionals, our December Challenge 2014 came as the final practice ground for the ACM ICPC aspirants. It was a final chance for the teams heading to their respective sites to test the waters. And our problem setters Dmytro Berezin, Gaoyuan Chen, Jay Pandya, Kamran maharov,  Lalit Kundu, Pavel Sheftelevich, Sergey Nagin, Snigdha Chandan, and Sunny Agarwal ensured that they gets a good practice ahead of their regional appearance. The difficulty level of the problems was tested by Shiplu Hawlader and Minako Kojima, while to help them get over any doubts after the contest the editorials were penned by Pavel Kacprzak. And to make sure that they do not have it easy, there were participants from all over the globe ready to battle it out with them.

All that made up for a recipe of exciting ten days of competitive programming and we are sure you would have enjoyed the contest right till the end. While the problem Chef and Apple Trees made it easy for the participants to get started with the contest, problem Good Galaxy made it real hard for them to get past it. However, in the end there were a handful of participants who succeeded in cracking the mystery of Good Galaxy. And to tell you who were they, let us take you to our rank tables.

First comes the non-Indian top 10:

Then the Indian top 10:

And then the special achievers with highest score for the challenge problem apart from the winners:

The non-Indian top 3:

The Indian top 3:

Now, our young geniuses from schools who have been carving a name for themselves in our Long Challenges:

The non-Indian top 5:

  • shuxxkk of Hefei No.1 High School China
  • nblt of Zhenhai High School, China
  • fullpower of Hangzhou Xuejun High School Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
  • alex_2oo8 of Riga Secondary School 89
  • sansirowaltz of High School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University Nanjing, China

The Indian top 5:

  • mbrc of South Point High School, Kolkata
  • japoorv of Delhi Public School, Indira Nagar Lucknow
  • animesh_f of La Martiniere for Boys, Calcutta
  • dibyo_99 of Hem Sheela Model School, Durgapur
  • neo1tech9_7 of Bharti Public School, New Delhi

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners on their blazing performance and a big round of applause to all our wonderful participants.

Now, let us give you the final numbers that matters for the December Challenge 2014:

  • Total Users: 5726
  • Total Submissions: 85667
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 5091
  • Total users from India: 4810
  • Total users not from India: 916

We have only all of you to thank for all those numbers in the December Challenge 2014. So thanks for making the final long challenge of 2014 such a huge success.

The year 2014 is in its final week, so without stretching this post any further we would like to put a full stop on it. But not before we give you the delicious editorials for the contest. These editorials will help you get over all your queries and quarrels that you might have faced during the contest. So, munch on them.

That will be all from us in the long challenge department for the year 2014. We will see you in January Challenge 2015, with a new set of problems to give an electrifying start to a new year.

Do send in your queries, feedback and the New Year greetings for the Chef at:

You can always call us at: (022) – 30797709

Till next time, TA-TA

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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