The final late night Cook-Off of 2014

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The ACM ICPC euphoria that started with December Challenge 2014 came to a conclusion with our December Cook-Off 2014. All three regional contests were now over and we have had seen all the probable’s to represent India at the World Finals to be held Marrakesh (Morocco) during May 2015. And just like an apt season finale to your favorite daily soap, the December Cook-Off 2014 brought one final chance to experience the excitement of competing with some of the biggest programming names across the globe, before everybody goes into the party mood to bid adios to the year 2014.

And to give them that final high we had Roman Rubanenko setting up the problems and translating them to Russian for the final Cook-Off of the year. The Christmas decorations further elevated the celebratory joy in the air and to make sure that you have scrumptious   problems to taste, we had Tuan Anh testing the problems. The dessert in the editorials came from the young and comparatively new inductee into our problem setting panel, Florin Chirica. The Mandarin flavors of the problem set came from Minako Kojima. That comprise of our hosts for the December Cook-Off 2014.

Now it was the participants’ turn to join in and enjoy the problem set featuring problems like Good Joke!, which got the maximum affection to the Jam, which made life a tad tough for them. But from the number of submissions on the problems it seems that everyone who took part in the contest had a great time. And to meet the names that got featured in the rank list, let us take you to it.

We start with the non-Indian top 10:

And now the Indian top 5:

Congratulations to all the winners and big round of applause for all the wonderful participants who took part in the contest. We hope you had fun in the contest.

The final stats for the contest were as below:

  • Total Users: 1297
  • Total Submissions: 4951
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 1206
  • Total users from India: 1096
  • Total users not from India: 201

That concludes the small report for our final Cook-Off of the year 2014 and leaving us with only December LunchTime 2014 in this year’s calendar. We hope to see you all joining in for the final Lunch of the year before heading for the big New Year party. Now, before we say good bye, let us serve you the dessert of the December Cook-Off 2014 in the editorials for the contest.

With that, we will take a leave for now, but with promise to come back soon, with more contests, more fun, and a lot more punctuality in putting up the blog posts for our contests.

If you have any queries, quarrels, or New Year greeting for our Chef, you can always send them to:

You can also call us and share your love with us on: (022) – 30797709

That will be all from the Chef’s kitchen for now.

Till next time, TA-TA

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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  1. Never knew Indians are so wild of Christmas celebrations. I thought they would be celebrating only their celebrations like Diwali (crackers) & holi (color game). Even CC blogs never mentioned about it. Only thing I remember now is what my friend said “Indians like everything about west”. BTW IMO sports programming sites must never post anything religious or political things on their sites because there is high risk of it getting blocked in nation like ours. 🙂

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