CodeChef’s Language Compiler Update

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We hope you have been enjoying our newly launched “Code, Compile, and Run” feature. Now, to keep up with that, we have updated quite a few of our languages and have added few new ones too. Yes, CodeChef now also supports “Chicken” and “Pypy”. That makes it two less reasons to not be on CodeChef.

So, what are you waiting for, check out the below list of updated languages and get cracking on the problems.

Language Old Version New Version
Scala scala-2.10.2 scala 2.11.4
C99 strict gcc 4.8.1 gcc 4.9.2
JavaScript rhino 1.7R1-2 rhino 1.7R4
Tcl tclsh-8.5.3 tclsh 8.6
Perl6 perl6-rakudo-201 rakudo-2014-07
Python Pypy
C++14 gcc-4.8.1 g++ 4.9.2
F# fsharp-2.0.0 fsharp-3.10
Python3 python-3.1.2 python-3.4
Go 1.0.2 1.4
Clojure clojure-1.1.0 clojure 1.7
Scheme chicken
JavaScript node.js-0.8.11 node.js-0.10.35
Scheme guile-1.8.5 guile 2.0.11
Common Lisp clisp-2.44.1 clisp 2.49
Brainf**k bff- bff-1.0.5
C gcc-4.8.1 gcc-4.9.2
Java javac-1.7.0_25 javac 8
Ocaml ocamlopt-3.10.2 ocamlopt 4.01.0
ADA 95 gnat-4.3.2 gnat 4.9.2
Fortran gfortran-4.8 gfortran 4.9.2
Python python-2.7.2 python-2.7.9
Perl perl-5.12.1 perl-5.20.1
Assembler nasm-2.03.01 nasm 2.11.05
Icon iconc-9.4.3 iconc-9.4.3
PHP php-5.2.6 php 5.6.4
Bash bash-4.0.37 bash-4.3.30
C# gmcs-2.0.1 gmcs 3.10
Lua luac-5.1.3 luac-5.2
Smalltalk gst-3.0.3 gst 3.2.4
Pascal fpc-2.6.0 fpc-2.6.4
Haskell ghc-7.6.3 ghc-7.6.3
D gdc-4.1.3 gdc 4.9.2
C++ gcc-4.8.1 gcc-4.9.2

If you have any concerns on the language update or if there is something you want to say, feel free to write to us at:

Till next time, adios.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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