Changes for partially graded problems

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Hey everybody,

We have been getting queries and suggestions regarding our partially graded problems in the Long Challenge. Starting from the way they were displayed to the section in which they were displayed, we have received many suggestions from our users. After considering them, we have made some changes to our partially graded problems. They are:

  • A problem will be considered solved, only when you have solved all the subtasks of the problem.
  • The partially solved problem will be displayed on your problem listing page with partially solved status against it.
  • The partially solved status of the problem will be indicated by a “Yellow Color” problem name along with a tick beside it.
  • If, due to some reason you could not solve the problem completely in the given 10 day duration of the contest, you can still add it to your ToDo list for solving it later. Earlier you could not do so.

That sums up all the changes for our partially solved problems. Now, let us tell you where these changes will be reflected. You will see these changes on:

  • Problems Listing Page (Practice/Contest) (
  • User profile page (
  • Problem page (<problem code>)

If you think we have missed something or if there is anything else that you want us, to implement do write to us at:

With that, we now move back into the kitchen and get to work.

Till next time, adios.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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3 Replies to “Changes for partially graded problems”

  1. Mhm, this is good. Just when I was thinking that the todo list would be perfect for storing partially solved problems for full solving and that problems being removed from it when partially solved had made it mostly useless. Because making a bruteforce doesn’t equal solving a problem.

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