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In our attempt to build a closely knit community of computer programmers from all over the world, we had introduced a silent “group feature” for our discussion forum sometime back. Currently not available for everyone, the objective behind the feature was to let you carry on a conversation, which is pertinent to a specific set of people cutting down the noise. If you wish to create a group of your school or college or campus chapter, you need to get in touch with us and we will do the needful. We already have some groups running like the:

These groups follow the same question answer format along with the features like tagging, searching, commenting and voting the posts. They can be public or semi private to discuss any programming related topic, event, or can prepare for an upcoming contest with other aspirants. While all this sounds awesome, there was a slight shortcoming with the said feature in the form that, unlike our discussion forum, the members did not receive any notifications for their subscription when there was an activity on the group.

So, in order to keep the members of the group updated on the happenings, we have brought in a “subscription” feature. With this we have taken the primary subscription setting from forum to the group, allowing you to receive notifications for all or any activity that you choose to subscribe to in the group. So, the days of missing on updates from the group are gone behind. Go and subscribe to all the alerts from the groups you are part of, and if you are not part of any, but want to start one for your institute or organisation or your programming club, do get in touch with us.

Now, while that small change caters to a limited set of users, here’s something big for all of you. It gives us immense pleasure to introduce the addition of “LaTeX mathematical typesetting” to our discussion forum. With LaTeX the painful exercise of uploading images for every mathematical formula you want to insert in your question or answer, is a fossil now. This was a much wanted feature specially for writing good fun editorials. LaTex allows us to write mathematical expressions in a markup style, which is somewhat akin to HTML. To know more about LaTex read below:

We hope that these new features will make your stay in the discussion forum seamless. However, if you face any trouble or have any queries, do write in to us at: Also, if there is any feature that you think that can enhance the overall experience on discuss or on CodeChef do write into us. For now, play around with these new offerings from our Chefs.


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