The smooth affair of February Cook-Off 2015

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Cook-Offs have always fascinated us. They are short, they are filled with action, and they tend to bring out the best in everyone in their two and half hour. Now, while that’s all the fun part, our Cook-Offs also presents us a stern test for our servers and if we mildly put that, our servers have not enjoyed them as much as we have. The recent being the January Cook-Off 2015.  And we all know how that went. Coming on the heels of the disastrous COOK54, the February Cook-off 2015 had a lot riding on it. The joy and excitement that normally isthe prologue for our Cook-Offs was overridden by the appalling memories from the past Cook-off. But, this time around we were ready. We have made the necessary fixes and were hopeful of having a smooth contest. And as the clock hit 9:30 pm on the Sunday night, our haunting memories were taken over by the sheer elation of the smooth start of February Cook-Off 2015. And it’s safe to say now, that we had a wonderful contest and that the days of server crashes are behind us now. However, we are still keeping our fingers crossed. 😛

For February Cook-Off 2015 we had an all Indian problem setting panel featuring Devendra Agarwal, Anudeep Nekkanti, & Amit Pandey as problem setter, tester, editorialist respectively. And, the Mandarin & Russian translations came from Gedi Zheng & Sergey Kulik correspondingly. The proceedings of the contest were ardently administered by our contest admin Praveen Dhinwa. The young problem setters poured all their experience and added a touch of freshness to make sure that the problems of the contest are good enough to not only keep the participants engaged for two and half hour of the contest duration, but also makes them pull their hairs.  And that’s exactly what happened in the contest.

The February Cook-Off 2015 started off to a galore of accepted submissions on TRISQ as we saw the 48 out of 50 first submissions in the contest on it. And out of those 48, 47 were accepted. So, let’s just say fitting squares in triangle is not as hard as it sounds. As we moved into the contest the submissions kept pouring in and with accuracy percent of 81.73, TRISQ was the most solved problem. However, the rate of submissions on the remaining problems was not pretty much the same. Making strategy for the World Cup is never easy, and our participants found it just before the world cup. However, there were some smart strategists who managed to find the perfect strategy and cracked the problem. The remaining three problems namely SUBARRAY, FOMBRO, and SPSHORT too proved to be tough nuts to crack. However, none of them remained unsolved. Overall, the problem set was nicely balanced with problems for the learners and pros alike.

While the problem set kept testing the participants, it also made the rank table change frequently and the best thing here was that all the names on the rank tables have been here before and hence it was tough for us to write anyone off till the very end. From fhlasek to uwi the fight was on right from the very first submission to the very last. The fight between lyrically, karolis_kusas and fhlasek turned out to be the fiercest of them all, with fhlasek eventually triumphing them both. Now, to meet the final names on the rank tables, let us take you through them.

First, the non-Indian top 10:

And now, the Indian top 5:

A big round of applause for all the winners, and congratulations to all the participants for a wonderful contest!

Now, let us give you the final stats for the February Cook-Off 2015:

  • Total Users: 1658
  • Total Submissions: 4638
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 1567
  • Total users from India: 1479
  • Total users not from India: 179

While those numbers brought huge smiles on our face, we are excited to see them go further up and have even bigger & smoother contests.

Now, before we move towards our February LunchTime 2015 blog post, we would like to bring your attention at no 5 of the Indian rank table. We have meteora sitting comfortably at number 5 on a Cook-Off rank table. If that’s to be taken as a sign, the college students will certainly face tough challenge from the young participants in the schools. And we are quite excited about it. We are sure you too are. So, if you are in college, it’s time for you to pull up your socks and if you are in school it’s time to announce your arrival on the big stage in style. So get ready.

To help you prepare for the coming contests, it’s very important to clear every single doubt or query that you might have had in the past. And we know a brilliant way of doing that. It’s our editorials. So, let us serve them for you.

It’s now time to put pen down on this lovely tale of February Cook-Off 2015 and move towards the February LunchTime, which saw the young brilliant minds from schools gearing up to announce their arrival at the global programming platform.

We hope you had a wonderful February Cook-Off and love filled month of February. For any query or love greetings you can always reach us at:

Or can give us a call at: (022) – 30797709

That is all for now from CodeChef.

Till next time, adios.

See you all at the contest.

Team CodeChef

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