You can keep your team name

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If you have never made one, you will never understand how herculean the task of deciding a team name is. We want our team names to reflect our attitude, to communicate, and at times to leave a legend. Whether it’s the serious doers or the dabblers, no one takes their team names lightly. This is why when you have to register a new one every time you enter a competition, it takes the fire out of it.

So, we have decided to let you use the same team name that you once registered with grave intensity. We are sure you must have started digging deep into the backyard of your memory in search of that one team name that you wish you could reuse or could register. And to find all the teams that you have made till now, all you need to do it go to your profile and click on the list given against “Team List”. So, while you are at it, there are a couple of things more that we want you to make note of.

  • The teams can be reused.
  • The ownership of the team name remains with the registrant.
  • The team cannot be edited once the contest for which it has been registered is over. However, the owner of the team can add or remove member should he choose to do that during a contest in which he is using the team.

So, what are you waiting for? Put your team names to work.

Competing in teams is a great way for preparing for the ACM ICPC. Once you form a team, you can keep taking part in many team contests that are hosted on CodeChef by institutions and organisations. You can also host your own team contests for your group of friends or school or college or organisation. It provides a great opportunity for you to elevate the programming culture in your institute. To know more about hosting a contest with CodeChef visit here.

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