Update in Problem Setting Guidelines

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Hola Amigos,

We are delighted that we turned Senary this March. All this would not have been possible without  the problem setting panel in our kitchen. We are truly thankful to everyone in our kitchen for all those delicious problems, mouth watering editorials and awesome contests. We truly appreciate the efforts that our chefs put behind making this possible.

We are happy to announce that we have revamped the problem setting guidelines. You can read more about it here:

Some highlight of the newly released guidelines:

  1. Increase in compensation of Problem Setting, Lunchtime Testing & Lunchtime Editorials writing.
  2. In some of our previous contests (especially Long contests), the comments were not getting timely reply. We have highlighted all such issues and clearly demarcated the responsibilities of Problem Setter, Tester & Editorialist.
  3. All the problems used in Long contest will be partially graded (except Challenge problem). Read how to upload partially graded problem on CodeChef
  4. Problems for Long contests will be accepted to be used in a contest only if the problem setter gives all the materials (brief editorials, commented solution, test data & generator, etc)
  5. Some explicit explanation of Roles and Responsibilities of TesterSetter and Editorialist.
  6. Specification of timeline for all contests, modification in the testing process. Read more about it here.
  7. Slight change in Problem difficulty levels for Long and Short contest (Addition of Super Hard problem). Submission Indicators and expected Subtask explainations for problem of varying difficulty levels. Read more about it here.
  8. Frequency and schedule for Problem Setter,Tester and Editorialist.

If you would like to join our kitchen as problem setter or tester or editorialist, you can apply here.

With Love and Regards,
Suraj Sharma
Team CodeChef.

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