A Sunday made for programming & cricket fanatics alike

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“It was the finale of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 that day”, that’s what you would say while referring to our March LunchTime 2015. Set on the World Cup Final Sunday, the March LunchTime 2015 already had his glare of publicity stolen, right from the time the world cup schedule was announced. So, while the teams were preparing to secure their birth on the bus to Melbourne Cricket Ground, our dynamic problem setting duo of Pankaj Jindal and Piyush Kumar was busy cooking up the perfect during-match snack, which was tested and translated to Russian by Sergey Kulik. The remaining course for the big day in editorials and Mandarin translation came from Aman Jain and Gedi Zheng respectively. And that completed the lineup for the day. It was now only up to the participants to come and devour the problem set.

We have waited eagerly for this moment, and it was finally here. We are talking about the finale of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015; the LunchTime was still a couple of hours from now. So, while we were waiting for the ball to drop on the March LunchTime, we treated ourselves to some initial moments of the finale. However, that treat didn’t last too long, so we came back to the LunchTime and ensured that we too get the perfect start. And our start too was pretty close to perfect. All the four problems became visible after intermittent glitches faced by the users here and there. But it was nothing major and got sorted out pretty soon. After that, came the flurry of submissions and the best thing this time was that the submissions came flowing on all the problems alike. If truth be told, we had submissions on three out of the four problems in the first 20 minutes of the contest. And that start gave us plenty of good signs for the coming three hours.

The first problem to see an accepted submission was CHEFANUP and if you do not know it already let us tell you that the problem had one of our chefs as the lead character. And eventually it became the problem to have received maximum submissions. Along with the submissions we got the first glimpses of our winners too in the early days of the contest. It started with fullpower cracking CHEFANUP, followed by mazeyu, gsxj2014, and mappinator. Although not all of them saw the green tick of happiness for their submissions.

It was quite interesting to see them all compete against each other, especially because except for mazeyu, all three of them are from the same institute and all of them are from China. The fight to the top went till the very last moments of the contest with some serious threat coming from meteora, alexvaleanu, victorwonder, and kmcode. However, just minutes before the final hour of the contest mazeyu cracked all the four problems and made a strong statement to the fellow coders from across the globe, however, it was not too long before gsxj2014, and mappinator bagged them too. With that we had a clear picture of our winners for the LTIME22. And to introduce them to you let us take you through the rank tables:

We start with the non-Indian top ten school students:

  • mazeyu of Zhenhai High School, China
  • gsxj2014 of Hangzhou Xuejun High School
  • mappinator of Hangzhou Xuejun High School
  • fullpower of Hangzhou Xuejun High School
  • alexvaleanu of Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science
  • victorwonder of Wenzhou Middle School
  • kmcode of Omori 7th Junior High School
  • anuartb of Aktobe Kazakh -Turkish High School
  • SSoulSilver of VNU-HCM High School for the Gifted
  • kamentk of Atanas Radev Maths School

Now the Indian top ten school students:

A big round of applause for all our participants! We are sure you would have enjoyed the contest.

With that we enter the final section of this blog post. It has already been quite late for this post to go live, so without stretching it any further let’s take you through the editorials for the March Challenge 2015, to help you get over any small doubt, you might have regarding the problems from the contest. So enjoy them:

The March LunchTime 2015 was dominated by the brilliance of mazeyu and meteora, both of whom successfully paved their spots atop the rank table leaving their competitors behind. However, there were quite a few names on the rank table to watch out for in the coming contest. So, with that in mind, we put an end to this post and move towards the forthcoming April Cook-Off 2015.

We hope you are ready for yet another exciting two and half hour of programming contest. And if you have any queries, doubts or suggestions for the contest kindly do send them our ways at feedback@codechef.com we love hearing from you all.

Till next time, adios.

Team CodeChef

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