CodeChef SnackDown 2015 Team Profile – Team aapppppppiii

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Team Name: aapppppppiii
Team Members: Yinzhan Xu & Yuhao Du
Institution/Organization: Tsinghua University
SnackDown 2015 Rank: ROW 03

Q. CodeChef: When did you start coding and how did you learn?

Yinzhan Xu: Six years ago, junior high school’s teacher taught me.

Yuhao Du: Since 2007. Practice every day, solve many problems on some onlinejudges.

Q. CodeChef: Could you name and share your first programming contest experience?

Yinzhan Xu: It’s Chinese National Olympiad in Informatics of Province, I did well and was listed in the top 100 of my province.

Yuhao Du: On a Chinese onlinejudge But I can’t remember which one.

Q. CodeChef: How often do you code on any given day & weekend?

Yinzhan Xu: 2 hours.

Yuhao Du: Maybe 4-5 hours per day.

Q. CodeChef: What was the biggest hurdle on your road to where you are today?

Yinzhan Xu: met too many people who are better than me, so that I kind of wanted to quit

Yuhao Du: Failed province team selection contest two years ago.

Q. CodeChef: What do you think biggest mistake competitive programmers make?

Yinzhan Xu: Put too much time in a single task

Yuhao Du: Carelessness.

Q. CodeChef: What programming language do you use and why?

Yinzhan Xu: C++, it has STL and the speed of programs is relatively faster.

Yuhao Du: C++ & python. Most OI competitors use C++. It’s convenience to use python to write some small tools.

Q. CodeChef: What advice do you have for other competitive programmers?

Yinzhan Xu: Concentration on the tasks is very crucial.

Yuhao Du: Practice makes perfect. In my mind, it’s also important to improve math skill.

Q. CodeChef: What do you like the most about CodeChef? and what would you don’t like in it?

Yinzhan Xu:  Like: it has a lot of contests for us to practice and win prize. Dislike: sometimes it’s too slow.

Yuhao Du: Translations. And we can view the code of other competitors after the contest. However, connection is very poor in China.

Q. CodeChef: What factors do you believe help you win?

Yinzhan Xu: i know many algorithms

Yuhao Du: Teammate.

Q. CodeChef: What motivates you to compete?

Yinzhan Xu: Interesting problems.

Yuhao Du: For fun and prize.

Q. CodeChef: Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

Yinzhan Xu: I will still study.

Yuhao Du: Maybe still a student.

That, ladies & gentlemen is Team aapppppppiii you. We thoroughly enjoyed their responses and hope you did too.

We will be back soon, so keep watching this space.

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