CodeChef SnackDown 2015 Team Profile – Team logicmonks_

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Team Name: logicmonks_
Team Members: Akashdeep Nain & Nishant Redkar
Institution/Organization: Google
SnackDown 2015 Rank: Indian 04

Q. CodeChef: When did you start coding and how did you learn?

Akashdeep Nain: Feb 2011.

Nishant Redkar: I started coding many years back when I was in 7th grade. I wanted to solve some math problems which needed some computation. That triggered the interest and I started learning on my own.

Q. CodeChef: Could you name and share your first programming contest experience?

Akashdeep Nain: Some contest on spoj. I was able to solve 1 question.

Nishant Redkar: My first competitive programming contest was with Topcoder. It was 12 years back and I cannot recollect the experience well.

Q. CodeChef: How often do you code on any given day & weekend?

Akashdeep Nain: Hard to find time along with job, so generally i code for around 3-4 hours in weekend.

Nishant Redkar: I solve coding problems all the time.

Q. CodeChef: What was the biggest hurdle on your road to where you are today?

Akashdeep Nain: Lack of good coaching and guidance.

Nishant Redkar: I dont see any blockers. Small hurdles only add to the motivation to go ahead.

Q. CodeChef: What do you think biggest mistake competitive programmers make?

Akashdeep Nain: They keep on solving the problems they are good at and hardly try to improve on tough problems.

Nishant Redkar: Most competitive programmers avoid working on big development projects. Algorithmic competitive programming is their primary focus. They miss out on the amazing experience of developing on smart ideas.

Q. CodeChef: What programming language do you use and why?

Akashdeep Nain: C++, Almost every cp problem can be solved in cpp

Nishant Redkar: I dont have any preference. For competitive programming I prefer C++.

Q. CodeChef: What advice do you have for other competitive programmers?

Akashdeep Nain: Try to prove every solution you write.

Nishant Redkar: Keep coding!

Q. CodeChef: What do you like the most about CodeChef? And what would you don’t like in it?

Akashdeep Nain:  I like long contests the most.

Nishant Redkar: The problem quality is great, topped with an easy to use interface. I haven’t participated in many CodeChef contests to comment on the cons.

Q. CodeChef: What factors do you believe help you win?

Akashdeep Nain: Self motivation.

Nishant Redkar: The passion to solve Algorithmic problems.

Q. CodeChef: What motivates you to compete?

Akashdeep Nain: When you starts enjoying, you don’t need any motivation.

Nishant Redkar: Solving tough Algo problems is enough of a motivation for me.

Q. CodeChef: Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

Akashdeep Nain: One of best developers of the org where i work.

Nishant Redkar: I am not sure.
With that we move on to our next team, and although we will be sharing the interviews of all the teams, do let us know which team do you want next.

We will be back soon, so keep watching this space.

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