CodeChef SnackDown 2015 Team Profile – Team rooks_nitk

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Team Name: rooks_nitk
Team Members: Vadiraja K & Aadheeshwar Vijayakumar
Institution/Organization: National Institute of Technology Karnataka
SnackDown 2015 Rank: Indian 15

Q. CodeChef: When did you start coding and how did you learn?

Vadiraja K: I learnt c++ in high school; it was part of our curriculum

Aadheeshwar Vijayakumar: I started coding in 8th but competitive coding only in B. Tech 1st year. I learn from Q. CodeChef practicing problem, Topcoder tutorials, GeeksForGeeks, CodeForces.

Q. CodeChef: Could you name and share your first programming contest experience?

Vadiraja K: It was CodeChef October long 2013 I had just started competitive coding and was able to solve 4 questions. Those 4 green ticks made me very happy and got me into competitive coding

Aadheeshwar Vijayakumar: CodeChef Long Challenge. I solved only 3/4 questions but this gave me confidence & motivated me to learn more. The very next contest I coded 7/8.

Q. CodeChef: How often do you code on any given day & weekend?

Vadiraja K: Couple of hours

Aadheeshwar Vijayakumar: I code regularly. I make sure I participate at least in 1 contest per week.

Q. CodeChef: What was the biggest hurdle on your road to where you are today?

Vadiraja K: Laziness 😛

Aadheeshwar Vijayakumar: Time Management it’s crucial and also not making silly mistakes as penalties are too costly especially in short contests.

Q. CodeChef: What do you think biggest mistake competitive programmers make?

Vadiraja K: Going after points and rankings than learning

Aadheeshwar Vijayakumar: Time management and trying same question if stuck, we must probably give another question a try.

Q. CodeChef: What programming language do you use and why?

Vadiraja K: C++ I’ve been coding in c++ since high school so I’m more comfortable with it and it’s faster than most other languages

Aadheeshwar Vijayakumar: I prefer C++ due to my knowledge in the same and STL makes it easy to code.

Q. CodeChef: What advice do you have for other competitive programmers?

Vadiraja K: Start early! And never give up!

Aadheeshwar Vijayakumar: Keep Coding and Practicing.

Q. CodeChef: What do you like the most about CodeChef? And what would you don’t like in it?

Vadiraja K:  Long contests are so much fun and a very nice learning experience it helped me a lot! I don’t like that in every cook off there’s some problem at the start

Aadheeshwar Vijayakumar: Good standard problems, nice editorials. CodeChef can train student in advanced coding concepts and its implementation thru camps and online tutorials by experts.

Q. CodeChef: What factors do you believe help you win?

Vadiraja K: Faster coding and a never give up attitude

Aadheeshwar Vijayakumar: Hard work, Determination, Perseverance, Leadership, Team Spirit.

Q. CodeChef: What motivates you to compete?

Vadiraja K: The green tick!

Aadheeshwar Vijayakumar: To learn more and nothing can match the sweetness of success.

Q. CodeChef: Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

Vadiraja K: In some IT firm coding my heart out!

Aadheeshwar Vijayakumar: As an Entrepreneur.

That, ladies & gentlemen is Team rooks_nitk to you. We thoroughly enjoyed their responses and hope you did too.

We will be back soon, so keep watching this space.

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