CodeChef SnackDown 2015 Team Profile – Team smack_down

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Team Name: smack_down
Team Members: Siddharth Bora & Smit hinsu
Institution/Organization: IIIT Hyderabad
SnackDown 2015 Rank: Indian 22

Q. CodeChef: When did you start coding and how did you learn?

Siddharth Bora: 3rd year in college. I had team proof from IIT Delhi that had inspired me a lot. Then I practiced on a lot of online coding platforms

Smit Hinsu: 1st year in the college and mainly through introductory course.

Q. CodeChef: Could you name and share your first programming contest experience?

Siddharth Bora: Some Topcoder contest

Smit Hinsu:

Q. CodeChef: How often do you code on any given day & weekend?

Siddharth Bora: Used to code a lot in college.. Like around 5-7 hrs each day.. But now that I am working.. i code a lot less

Smit Hinsu: Rarely after leaving the university.

Q. CodeChef: What was the biggest hurdle on your road to where you are today?

Siddharth Bora: Getting a good team to code along with

Smit Hinsu: I don’t remember, if there was any.

Q. CodeChef: What do you think biggest mistake competitive programmers make?

Siddharth Bora: Not practicing to code when in school

Smit Hinsu: –

Q. CodeChef: What programming language do you use and why?

Siddharth Bora: C++.. Easy availability of help

Smit Hinsu: C++.

Q. CodeChef: What advice do you have for other competitive programmers?

Siddharth Bora: Learn to be very fast and learn to write small code

Smit Hinsu: –

Q. CodeChef: What do you like the most about CodeChef? And what would you don’t like in it?

Siddharth Bora: The problems are really nice.. I don’t like the low frequency of short contests.

Smit Hinsu: –

Q. CodeChef: What factors do you believe help you win?

Siddharth Bora: Algorithmic proficiency

Smit Hinsu: –

Q. CodeChef: What motivates you to compete?

Siddharth Bora: The competition involved and the thrill involved.

Smit Hinsu: –

Q. CodeChef: Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

Siddharth Bora: Working with a high frequency trading firm

Smit Hinsu: –

That, ladies & gentlemen is Team smack_down to you. We thoroughly enjoyed their responses and hope you did too.

We will be back soon, so keep watching this space.

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