CodeChef for Beginners and a few new things

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We have done a small change to our practice section. We have gotten rid of our “School” section and added a new “Beginner” section.

We had launched CodeChef for Schools a couple of years ago. Since then, we have visited many schools and one common concern that we have identified is that we do not have a proper place to start for the beginners. And when our intern, Vikesh Tiwari, joined us, this is something he took it upon himself to fix.

This change is a first small step that we took towards that. The “School” section used to contain all the problems from the LunchTime contests. The idea was to have newly added partially graded problems of LunchTime contests under one new tab. However, over a period of time we introduced partial grading in our Long Challenges too, and we realised that the old way of classifying problems based on difficulty levels and not on scoring type was a better one. Also, our Easy section started having problems which ranged from Cakewalk to Simple to Easy and also some Medium level problems! This was undesirable.

So we have made a couple of changes:

  • We have introduced a new “Beginner” section where we will keep all the Simple and Cakewalk problems to help a newcomer find the easiest problems on CodeChef and get started.
  • We moved all the LunchTime problems from the “School” section into Easy, Medium, Hard and the newly introduced Beginner sections.

As an ongoing endeavour, we will try and classify our problems appropriately so that they are easy to find and attempt. We will also be adding a bunch of very easy problems on CodeChef in the “Beginner” section.

A few other changes that we have done are:

  1. We have brought back changes that we had undone on the contest pages to reduce the load on our servers during the start of our short contests.
  2. You will also see an auto reload of contest pages along with the “Announcement” section at the top.
  3. A more localised notification of the Announcements on the contest pages.
  4. The most exciting change is that now you can make submissions to a problem of a running contest through the CodeChef IDE! Yeah, thats true. No need to use the submit button of each problem page to send us your solutions. Just use our awesome IDE to debug and submit from the same place.

You can see many more changes coming up on CodeChef to make problem classification better in the coming days. We are working hard to make your learning easier and better. Do keep giving us your feedback.


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