“Humblefools’” May Cook-Off 2015

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The closely knit programming community was stuck by a sad news last year, in the sudden demise of our beloved Harsha Suryanarayana. The loss shook everyone as Harsha not only was respected as a programmer in the community, but also for his noble initiatives. He loved lending his helping hand to the programmers starting their journey into the programming world. His demise shook the entire programming fraternity across the globe. Everyone paid their tributes to this wonderful soul in their own way. We too paid our homage. But we thought that should not be it. So, one year after the tragic incident, we decided to celebrate Harsha’s birthday in just the way he would have liked to. We consecrated our May Cook-Off 2015 to our very own “humblefool.” And how was the party? Let us take you through.

We had an all India problem setting panel to celebrate the birthday of one of the finest Indian programmers. And it was probably the first time. It set a nice tone for the entire proceedings. With Anil Kishore and Praveen Dhinwa donning the problem setters’ cap, Utkarsk Lath taking up the testing, and Balajiganapathi Senthilnathan penning the editorials, we were excited to see the fate of our all Indian Cook-Off unfold. However, the Russian and Mandarin translations for the problems came from Sergey Kulik and Gedi Zheng, respectively. So, there was a tad touch of foreign flavor to the contest.

The May Cook-Off 2015 had a dream start to say the least. We got our first submission inside the first five minutes, that too an AC to levitate our joy. But that was done by the second submission which came from the tourist gennady.korotkevich. His presence lights up the contest. Doesn’t it? And this was no different occasion. The start of the contest became even sweeter, with only submission getting NZEC out of the first fifty. Thanks to the delectable CFRTEST. The trend continued in the later stages of the contest as well with majority of submissions enjoying the pleasing sight of green ticks. We think this was the first time we were seeing something as spectacular as this. If you know of any other contest which had the same start, write in to us at: feedback@codechef.com

After getting his first AC inside the first five minutes, gennady.korotkevich kept his march towards the top at steady pace. And although there were challengers along the way, in adurysk, niyaznigmatul, kaizero and many other celebrated names, he faced the real competition from the mighty ACRush. Just as Gennady, ACRush too started with an AC exactly at an interval of five minutes. We knew right from the beginning that we are in for a treat. And it turned out exactly to be that. While, ACRush took only five submissions, to reach to the top, Gennady put a little more effort in his six submissions to secure the first place. In typical champions fashion there were nothing except the green ticks to their name in the rank table. And they were joined by many other famous names from the programming world.

Let us meet all the names that appeared atop the rank table, starting with the ROW top 10:

And now the Indian top 5:

Let’s give it up for all our winners of May Cook-Off 2015.

The final stats for the contest were as follows:

  • Total Users: 1931
  • Total Submissions: 6832
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 1796
  • Total users from India: 1655
  • Total users not from India: 276

We hope you enjoyed the contest as much as our all Indian panel enjoyed cooking it up for you.

After playing with the problems for two and half hour into the contest, it was turn to nom on to the palatable editorials by Balajiganapathi, to clear any doubt that you encountered during the contest. And we are sure you would have enjoyed them. But if there still is any small bug that has been bugging you, let us take you to the editorials once again.

With that we have reached the conclusion of this small story of our May Cook-Off 2015. We hope you enjoyed “humblefools’” birthday Cook-Off. However, if you have any concerns regarding the contest, feel free to write in to us at: feedback@codechef.com

That will be all from us here at CodeChef. We will come soon with yet another story from yet another enticing contest from chef’s kitchen.

Till next time, adios.

Team CodeChef

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