The rise of the new continues

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The June Cook-Off 2015 was an apt prelude to our SnackDown 2015 Finals. After two long months of gruesome programming battle between the finest programming brains, we were now left with the top 50 teams. And we were elated even just by the thought of watching them in action. We are sure you were too. But, while we were still few days away from the big finale, we presented them, and to you all with yet another battle opportunity in our June Cook-Off 2015. The Cook-Offs have always brought a sense of exuberance in them, and this one was no different either.

After tasting the testing problems in the qualifying rounds of SnackDown 2015, the expectations from the problem set was rather high. So our problem setters, Uttam Kanodia and Ankit Shrivastav had to serve from their top shelf to live up to the expectations. And our tester Roman Rubanenko approved of it. With that everything was set for a fiery Sunday night. The start of COOK59 was rather smooth and it got sweeter with the first accepted submission from xorfire on UTMOPR. Contrary to its name, the UTMOPR was not a strange operation as by the end of the contest it had the highest number of submissions on it. However, there were few doubts in the minds of the participants, and they were addressed fittingly by our contest admin Praveen Dhinwa. The doubts that persisted even after the contest were taken care by the editorials by our editorialist Amit Pandey.

In a typical Cook-Off fashion the submissions started flowing as soon as the problems were unveiled. With xorfire getting first AC inside the first five minutes, we were hoping the numbers to go further up. And we were not wrong. We received a total of 5946 submissions by 1876 users who took part in the contest. Amid those rising numbers, it was getting harder for us to establish the potential winner of the contest. Especially when the likes of xorfire, neo1tech9_7, gdisastery1, fataleagle, uwi and many other prominent names were present on the rank table, right from the beginning. And even if we would have placed our bets on any of those names, we would have lost. Because, in June Cook-Off we were witnessing a rising star from the land of rising Sun and when the contest concluded, we met sugim48 from The University of Tokyo atop the rank table.

sugim48, has been an active member of CodeChef and has consistently performed well in our monthly contests. However, this was the first instance of him topping the charts. Interestingly, the same was the case with al13n, who came second in the contest. We have seen few new names rising atop the rank tables in the past few contests, and it makes us extremely happy to see them. It makes the regulars at the top work harder for their position, gives us new names to root for, and most importantly elevates the quality of the contest to a whole new level. We hope to see this trend continue.

Now, let’s meet the names atop the Indian as well as ROW rank tables.

Let’s start with the ROW top 10:

Now, the Indian top 5:

Let’s give it up for all our winners of June Cook-Off 2015.

And now, the final stats for the contest:

  • Total Users: 1876
  • Total Submissions: 5946
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 1682
  • Total users from India: 1607
  • Total users not from India: 269

Thanks for all of you for the wonderful June Cook-off 2015.

Now, we move towards the editorials for the contest, which, we are sure you would have devoured by now. However, if you did not, here they are for you.

That brings us to the final segment of the June Cook-Off 2015, we are sure you would have enjoyed the contest. However, if you have any query or quarrel regarding the contest, the platform, or the delay in these blog posts, feel free to share them with us at:

With that, we move towards the final contest of June, the June LunchTime 2015 and will be coming up with all the insights and tales from our yet another contest in our junior programming series, LunchTime.

Till then, adios.

Team CodeChef

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