A Cook-Off from an all Indian kitchen

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If we have to sum up the story of July Cook-Off 2015 it will be “Gennady Got a WA, I can die peacefully now” – Devendra Agarwal.  😛 Yes, it was that kind of contest. Three vibrant young Indian programmers Devendra Agarwal, Amit Pandey, and Surya Kiran, donning the caps of problem setter, tester, and editorialist respectively, for an all Indian problem setting panel came together, put up an excellent show, and most importantly had lots of fun. That is what our Cook-Offs are all about. Aren’t they? Accompanying the vivacious trio of the above three were Praveen Dhinwa (a good friend of them all) as contest admin and Sergey Kulik and Gedi Zheng as Russian and Mandarin translators correspondingly.

By now you would have understood that the July Cook-Off 2015 was a contest high on oomph, excitement, and plethora of action on the rank table. So, let’s relive some of those wonderful moments.

The July Cook-Off 2015 had one of the best starts we have seen here on CodeChef. We had only 1 WA in the first 50 submissions and more than 90 ACs in the first 100. Now, with that kind of results flowing on the rank tables, it becomes tough to imagine that Gennady got a WA. But yes, it did happen at 09:46 PM on KNODES, when his first submission got WA. And like our problem setter, we were all surprised. However, our joys were short lived as in next five minutes he went on to crack KNODES, and in next 30 minutes sealed his place at the top of the rank table with all five problems in his bag. Yes, it was that quick. And with that fate of the contest was almost decided, with the names to follow Gennady on the rank table getting almost apparent.

So, let’s meet them all.

We first meet, the top 10 ROW:

Now, the Indian top 5:

Heartiest congratulations to all of you on your performances. We hope you enjoyed the problem set.

The July Cook-Off 2015 brought us our first all Indian problem setting panel, but if you think we have had it before, do write in to us at: feedback@codechef.com and we shall correct it. Also, if you think that we could have it in our future contests then do send in the names that you want to see come together for a Cook-Off or a Long Challenge, and we will try to assemble them for you.

That brings us to the section where we give you the editorials for the contest, so check out the editorials for our July Challenge 2015.

As you might have noticed that we are running severely late with our blog posts, and this is only the second in the series of the several pending blogs we have to pen down. So, without stretching this post any further, we would like put full stop and move towards the July LunchTime 2015. We have tried to cover all the highlights for the July Cook-off 2015. But, if you think that we have missed any, kindly do let us know in the comments box below.

That will be all from CodeChef for now. We will come quickly with another short story from another contest.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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