The July Challenge and its curtailed tale

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It’s been eons, or at least seems like eons, since we last posted our contest blog. And without candying the words to explain the delay, we will simply say “Sorry” for all the delay. It should not have been this late. We hope you will understand and excuse us for putting you through the entire wait. We will try and make sure that it’s not there for the upcoming contest blogs. Yes, we know we have assured that in the past as well, but this time we will try and be less feigned to our words. So, we start with July Challenge 2015. It will be a small, yet succinct post covering the July Challenge. So, sit back and enjoy.

Set by the practiced problem setting panel featuring the likes of Vasia Antoniuk, Nazarbek Altybay, Mugurel Ionut, Sergey Nagin, Sunny Agarwal, Jakub Safin, Pavel Sheftelevich, Surya Kiran, Devendra Agarwal, and Egor Bobyk the July Challenge 2015 was in safe hands as far as testing and teasing the participants is concerned. The experienced hands of Mugrel Ionut also took up the responsibility of doubling as the tester for the contest and hence, assuring that it had the right ingredients to keep you occupied for the entire duration of the contest. The Russian and Mandarin flavors for the problem set came from Sergey Kulik and Gedi Zheng. Overlooking the proceedings before and during the contest to ensure a smooth-go was our omnipresent admin Praveen Dhinwa, while the post contest dessert in the editorials came from the famed Lalit Kundu. With that decorated problem setting panel, we were all set to serve the July Challenge 2015 and let you all satisfy your craving for some testing problem set. And it all began at 3rd July 2015 15:00 IST.

The July Challenge began with CHCUBE, which remained the hot favorite of the participants at the initial stage of the contest. The submission results of all sorts started appearing on the rank table as we moved into the contest. A lot of them were the “green tick of happiness.” It’s nice to start the contest on a felicitous note. Alongside CHCUBE, LCKYST and EGBOBRD got maximum love from the participants. And as the number of green ticks started mixing with the red crosses and exclamation of WA and TLE respectively, the frequent changes in the names topping the charts started slowing down. And by now we were comfortably into the final days of the contest. It meant that we already had our winner in our sight, it was just not clear. But now, the contest is over (long over I should say), so let’s meet them.

We start with the ladies. The top ten women who were in the top 100 in the rank table.

The ROW top 10:

Now, the Indian top 20:

The ROW top 5 School Students:

The Indian top 5 School Students:

And now our special achievers, the top three users with highest score for challenge problem CHTTRS apart from the winners:

The ROW top 3:

The Indian top 3:

Congratulations to all our winners and to all the participants on their performances. We hope you all enjoyed the contest.

With that we reach to the final segment of the post. Let us take you through the yummy editorials for the July Challenge 2015. We are sure you already would have devoured them. However, we still would take you through them.

That will be all from us for now. The next stop for this already late running train of our post contest blog train is July Cool-Off 2015. So, let’s move towards that. Running on a tight schedule makes you miss out on so many important things that otherwise you would not have. And if you think for the July Challenge 2015 we have missed some, feel free to send them to us through your comments below or you can write us at:

See you all at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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