We now have special prize category for women. Yay!

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For our March Challenge 2015, we introduced a special award category for the women in programming, by commemorating the top ten women participants. That was to celebrate Women’s Day. Since then we have been constantly pondering upon the thought of doing something to persuade the women programmers across the globe. And with August Challenge 2015, we decided to start with making that special award category a feature of our Long Challenges. Starting August Challenge 2015 there were will be a new and special award category for our women participants. We will be awarding the top ten women programmers in the top 100 participants of all our Long Challenges here onwards. Give a big round of applause to all the wonderful women programmers out there.

With a new prize category in the market, we were all set and excited to meet our second set of top women programmers in our Long Challenges. Now, while the women programmers will be fighting for a position in the top 100, there will be men fighting for their spots. This made it all pretty stirring. The problem setting responsibility for the August Challenge 2015 was taken up by the likes of Maksym Bevza, Sunny Aggarwal, Vitalij (Віталій Кожухівський), Abhra Dasgupta, Vasia Antoniuk, Vlad Mosko, Misha Chorniy, Kirill Shchetinin, and Snigdha Chandan. In there, we had two debutants, setting up their first problems for CodeChef. Let’s give a huge round of applause and welcome our debutants, Maksym Bevza and Vlad Mosko on CodeChef’s problem setting panel. While there were debuts on the problem setting bench, the testing bench was occupied by the veteran Hiroto Sekido. The editorials and the Russian and Mandarin translations too came from comparatively experienced, Kevin Atienza, Sergey Kulik & Gedi Zheng correspondingly. And finally ensuring the proper language for the problems we had Rahul Arora, who also have been around for just enough contests to qualify as a seasoned campaigner.

It was now your turn to show up and start guzzling the problem set. And that you all did. In the past we have had contests where we got the first AC inside the first five minutes of the start of the contest. This was not one of those contests. We received our first AC in the 8th minute of the contest. There was no stopping after that. In the past we have seen that the problem getting the first submission in general turns out to be the easiest nut to crack. That was not the case this time around, with the easiest problem COOKMACH getting only 5 submissions out of the first 50. What made it even more interesting was the fact that the first 6 submissions into the contest came on six different problems. It all started with DISTNUM, followed by WOUT, ADMAG, CHINSM, and SCLUSTER. The only submission in the first six was on SCLUSTER. But it was just the start of the contest and as it progressed, those figures and results started changing.

While the number of submissions was growing on all the problems, we were eager to see the women programmer making their appearance. And the ones that made it to the top 100 did not keep us waiting for too long. We found bhawnamait starting the contest late in the night with four ACs on the trot. The other woman programmer who made it to the top 100 was suruchicoder, and she was also not too behind her counterpart. The start for suruchicoder was not as smooth as it was for bhawnamait, as she got WA in her submission on ADMAG. They both faced different result statuses for their submissions, however they continued with the contest and ended up in the top 100 participants for August Challenge 2015. We might have had only two women programmers for this contest, but we are hopeful of getting many more in coming contests. So, if you are a women programmer, we are waiting for you to make your mark on the big stage.

With that, let us take you through the rank table to meet our winners in different categories.

We start with the ladies, and rightfully so.

The top 10 women programmers in the top 100 participants for the contest are:

Now, we move towards the ROW top 10:

The Indian top 20:

And now our young champ from schools.

We start with ROW top 5:

Now, the Indian top 5:

And finally our special achievers let us meet the participants with highest score for the challenge problem, apart from the winners.

First the ROOW top 3:

Now, the Indian top 3:

Let us give a big round of applause to all our winners and to all of you on your valiant performance.

Now, as the ritual let us take you through the editorials, which we are sure you would have gone through by now, for the contest. Also, do share your feedback on the editorials and if any of you want to don the editorialists’ hat we would be pleased to have you on board.

That sums up this slightly longer and delayed August Challenge 2015 post. We hope despite the delay you would have enjoyed the post. For any feedback, suggestions, and help regarding the contest or the post feel free to write in to us at: feedback@codechef.com.

We now move towards the August Cook-Off 2015 post and we hope to serve sooner than the earlier posts. Till then, keep watching this space and keep giving us such wonderful contests to write about.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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