The blemished August Mega Cook-Off 2015

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It is safe to say that the August Cook-Off 2015 was not your favorite Cook-Off. How can it be? It was marred by all sorts of technical glitches that have haunted us in the past and gave us a visit back in one of the most important Cook-Offs of the year. Yes, it was important. Like every year, this year too we announced the ACM ICPC travel and registration reimbursement for the top 150 (top 50 from three contests) students from our Mega Cook-Offs and decided to have three different Mega Cook-Off instead of two.

The August Cook-Off 2015 was one of the three. So, you can understand the level of frustration that we were subjected to. That’s not to discard the annoyance and disappointment all of you who were not able to submit during the contest faced. Gloominess over shadowed the joy and zeal of the arrival of ACM ICPC regionals. And although we already have, we would like to apologize to you all once again. Our special  apology for the problem setting panel, Tasnim Imran Sunny, Lalit Kundu, Istvan Nagy, Hu Zecong, Vlad Mosko, Rahul Arrora, and Praveen Dhinwa, who spent several sleepless nights to put up the contest.

All that might sound rather frightening and it actually was. However, the start of the COOK61 was not at all as its conclusion. At 9:30 PM IST on 23rd August 2015, the page of August Cook-Off 2015 opened smoothly, for a majority of the participants and the contest commenced smoothly. We even got our first AC on TWOSTR inside the first 5 minutes and it continued for a good 30 minutes or so. And that is when the entire picture changed.

The beautiful start to the contest was blemished by the constantly increasing load on the servers, resulting in many users not able to access the problems and make their submissions. Before we could understand what struck us, it was all over. The problem had gone bigger and had affected a lot more users. As a result, we had to take down CodeChef to bring in the fixes. We did extend the contest to make up for the lost time, but by then it was too late and we knew it.

We did invest our efforts in finding out the cause behind the disastrous COOK61 we recently had. However, to be fair to all, and to make sure that you guys are not affected in terms of your ACM ICPC reimbursements and ratings, we decided to keep it unrated. That made it only the second Cook-Off in our history to be unrated. Once again we deeply apologize for it. When a contest is so much disfigured there are not many pleasing tales to tell about it. And even though we made it unrated, we cannot take away the effort and hard work that our winners put into making on to the top of the rank tables. So, let us introduce you to the winners of unrated August Cook-Off 2015.

We start with ROW top 10:

And now the Indian top 5:

A big round of applause for all our winners!

If you had any problems or doubts (other than technical issues) during the contest, you can always refer the editorials for the contest. They are already up, so let us just direct you to them.

That will be all from August Cook-Off 2015. You already know what we all have been through during the contest and would like to put it behind us and move ahead on a happy note. We are sure there will be better contests in the future and you all will be there to devour them all. With that thought in, let us move towards the August LunchTime 2015 post. You can always send in your concerns and queries to us at:

That will be all for now.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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