Slow and steady won the August LunchTime 2015

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Concealed deep into the corridor of August 2015, the August LunchTime 2015 was our final contest for the month of August 2015 and after what happened at COOK61, we wanted it to be a smooth affair. And that’s exactly what we got. Even though the LunchTime programming series is aimed at the school students, it has found quite a lot of love from the seasoned programmers as well. We have seen many prominent names from the programming fraternity on our previous LunchTime rank tables. To compete alongside all those celebrated names must fuel up the aspirations of many young programmers and encourage them to constantly do well in what they are doing. With that thought, we sat for the August LunchTime and let us tell you how it all went. It will be yet another short, yet concise story. So, let us start.

The kitchen for August LunchTime 2015 had Sunny Agarwal and Amit Pandey as problem setters, Alex Gu as tester, and Prateek Gupta as editorialist. While, Amit and Sunny has the experience of setting problems for CodeChef, it was the first time for both Prateek Gupta and Alex Gu to contribute to CodeChef. So, we saw two debuts in our August LunchTime. How did you find our debutants, do let us know through your comments below. Overlooking the proceedings in the kitchen were our contest admins Praveen Dhinwa and Pushkar Mishra. The Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Russian translation for the problems came from Gedi Zheng, Khanh Xuan Nguyen, and Vitalij Kozhukhivskij respectively. That completed our problem setting panel for August LunchTime 2015. Now, let us see how you the contest advanced.

At CodeChef we have seen some stunning debuts in our contests. The August LunchTime 2015 is also a tale of one such debut. Our LTIME27 had a smooth start, both in terms of the site accessibility and the beginning of submissions on the problems, with first 100 submissions of the contest coming on MNMX. Some of them were AC, some of them were not. But that’s how these contests move, don’t they? With the flow of submissions steadying, we shifted our focus on the rank table. With kmcode, meteora, ptnk131627 and some other famous names dominating the school rank table; we were expecting a rather familiar final 10 tens.

r_64 although had different plans. Starting the contest right at the start with his first AC at 11:03 am, r_64 took his time to plan his climb atop the rank table. But, when you are competing against some of the best programmers across the globe, you will need planning. And we must say, he executed his plan to perfection with taking his time to solve the problems. It becomes rather clear with more than 1 hour of gap between his first and second submission into the contest. He did not take that much time for the third problem and gulped it immediately after the second. The final problem though, got him, with two incorrect submissions and over an hour of brain crushing. But, finally he found his way around in the very last minutes of the contest. Literally it was only 2 minutes remaining when r_64 cracked INVERT and took home the August LunchTime 2015. And we were all pleasingly surprised to see him top the rank table, beating some of the hot favorites.

Now, let us meet all our August LunchTime 2015 winners, who accompanied r_64 on the rank table.

We start ROW top 10:

  • r_64 of Changjun Middle School, China
  • kmcode of Omori 7th Junior High School
  • hoangduong of High School for Gifted Students, Hanoi National University of Education
  • ptnk131627 of VNU-HCM High School for the Gifted Vietnam
  • maxmeijer of Gymnasium Celeanum
  • ladpro98 of High School for Gifted Students, Hanoi National University of Education
  • arpa of Shahid Sadoughi High School, Yazd
  • rubabredwan of Rajshahi University School
  • alexvaleanu of Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science
  • sanroylozan of Debreceni Fazekas Mihály Gimnázium

Now, the Indian top10:

A big round of applause for our young champions making their schools and countries proud!

We hope to see many such pleasingly surprising debuts in our contests and we are sure we will see many.

Now, to help you strengthen your programming prowess let us give you the editorials for the August LunchTime 2015. Written by yet another debutant from LTIME27, these editorials will help you get over any doubt that you might have encountered during the contest.

It is time for us to move towards another contest and another delayed post. We hope you enjoyed the contest and its curtailed tale. If you have any doubts or feedback regarding the contest or its story, feel free to write to us at:

That will be all for now.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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