The tipsy and tricky course of September Challenge 2015

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The final few months of the year packs a whole lot of happiness. With the festivals lined up, there is a sense of joy and celebration in the environment. For the programmers, the joy doubles up with the arrival of ACM ICPC. To further elevate the festivities, we are ready with our contests to make sure that you do not miss out on any programming action, while you are busy celebrating any festival of your liking. This time it was September Challenge 2015.

While we had two debutants on the problem setting bench in LTIME27, we had three in Evgenij Artemov, Suhash Venkatesh, and Yuriv Rebryk for September Challenge. Joining the debutants on problem setting panel were Alex Gu, Andrii Mostovyi, Antoniuk Vasyl, Jakub Safin, Lalit Kundu, Misha Chorniy, Pavel Sheftelevich, and Shchetinin Kirill. The coming together of these fine programmers hinted towards a cracking contest. The testers’ hat for the contest went to Kevin Artienza, while the editorials for the problems came from Suhash Venkatesh and Pushkar Mishra. The apt use of language was assured by Rahul Arora. With these fine gentlemen we were all ready for ten fine days of programming action. And we are sure you were too.

Let us take a walk back through the tipsy and tricky course of September Challenge 2015. Judging by the number of submissions each problem got, the problem set was a tad on the harder side. Was it though? At times it felt is wasn’t, but as we moved into the latter stages of the contest, it started looking like it was a hard contest. The green tick that once ruled the rank tables was now overshadowed and beaten by a mixed assortment of WAs, TLEs, and other result status. That had very little effect on the flow of submissions into the contest as MSTEP was still finding the love from the participants. Other than MSTEP, the only problem that kept the submissions flow going was DONUTS and we hope you enjoyed it.

While MSTEP and DONUTS were getting all the love, problems like MGCH3D and TERVEC were making life tough for the participants in the final stages of the contest. And we knew that somewhere in those few ones who cracked the two aforementioned problems we have our winners. However, with the presence of names like ACRush, endagorion, mugurelionut and some others, it was really difficult to put your finger on one. So, we decided to let the contest run its course and meet the winners once they have been decided. And now that they have been, let us go and give our greetings to them.

First the ROW top 10:

Now, the Indian top 20:

After the big guns, let us meet the young champs from schools:

First, ROW top 5:

Now, the Indian top 5:

Now, the participants with highest score for the challenge problem CHTTRS, other than the winners:

First, the ROW top 3:

Now, the Indian top 3:

Congratulations to all you wonderful people on your amazing performances in the big fat September Challenge 2015.

Sadly, we did not have any women programmer inside the first 100 participants of the contest, so the prize for women category goes unclaimed. We hope that it will not remain unclaimed for too long and that we will soon meet our next women winners.

For those who want to sharpen their programming skills or just want to revisit the problems from September Challenge and get over that miniscule doubt that has been bugging them for over a month now, here are the editorials for the contest. Go munch on them.

With that we arrive at the final segment of the contest, where we ask you to send in your feedback or queries regarding the contest. So, as you know the routine we’ll be waiting for your feedback, send them our way at:

We hope you enjoyed the short trip to September Challenge 2015. If we have missed any important event or moment, kindly do let us know in your comments below.

That will be all for now.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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