The rise of the debutant and the takeover of the school students

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October was going to be a busy month. After all we were hosting the online rounds for all the three ACM ICPC regional sites in India. Combine that with our monthly contests and you hardly are left with any space to breathe. So pulled ourselves up, stacked up the energy drinks besides our desks, and went about our business as usual, taking one contest at a time. We started with October Challenge 2015.

The longer format of our Long Challenges allows the users to join in the contest at their leisure as opposed to the shorter format, where everything has to happen in that given 2:30 Hrs of the contest. This takes away the worry of the initial load on the servers when the contest starts. Giving our long challenges a polished start every time. The story was no different for October Challenge 2015. The contest started without even the smallest of flicker and the submissions started flowing.

The affect of looming ACM ICPC regionals was pretty apparent in the October Challenge, as we saw many new comers trying their hands on the problems. The increasing number of submissions on SUBINC and WDTBAM established the fact that everyone is taking their preparations rather seriously. In fact, we think it was the first instance when we saw two problems in the same contest getting over 4.5K submissions. If you know any other contest which has seen such huge number of submissions on single problem, kindly do let us know.

The frequently increasing number of submissions also meant a constant change of names on the rank tables, both the Indian as well as the ROW. And while the ROW table was dominated by the familiar big guns in anta0, mugurelionut, antoniuk1 and some others, we had two first timers, t1024 and ceilks, paving their way to the top battling the biggies. While ceilks has been part of our contests previously, it was the first contest for t1024. And to be among top 5 globally in the first contest sends a clear message to his counterparts. So, watch out for this budding champ.

The story of Indian rank table was even interesting as three out of the top 10 slots were occupied by our champs rajat1603, animesh_f, and dev127. To have them amongst some of the most celebrated student as well as professional programmers in India was sheer pleasure. We are sure they have set their eyes on the top slot and it’s just a matter of time before we see any one of them or it could be someone else from the schools topping the Long Challenge tables. So, college goers pull up your socks and get your game straight. Now, to see the final standings for all our winners let us give you the final rank tables for the October Challenge 2015.

This time around as well we did not have any Women programmer in the first 100 participants of our long challenges. So, their prize again goes unclaimed. Come on ladies, we do not want to keep your prizes. Come up and grab them.

For now, let’s start with ROW top 10:

The Indian top 20:

Now, our little geniuses from Schools, we start with ROW top 5:

The Indian top 5:

And finally, our special achievers with highest scores for challenge problem apart from the winners:

First, the ROW top 3:

And now, the Indian top 3:

Let us give a big round applause to all of you on your miraculous performances.

After the rank tables, it is time to look into the nitty gritties of the contest and find out what all did you missed during the contest or any minor aspect of the problems that might have stopped you from cracking them problems. And what better way to do that, then going through the editorials for the contest. They are up and ready to be devoured, so let us take you there.

That brings us to the end of the story of October Challenge 2015. We hope you enjoyed the rise of the debutants and the takeover of the school students. We now are left with October Cook-Off 2015 and October LunchTime 2015 before we bring this delayed train of blog posts on time. So, without further ado, we will move towards the next post in line.

Do let us know what you thought of the post and the contest itself. We love reading your guys, so do send in your thoughts at:

That will be all for now.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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