The October Lunchtime 2015: As it happened

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Lunchtimes at CodeChef remind us why we love hosting challenges for our young coders. The enthusiasm and effort that they show is worth a mention and October LunchTime 2015 was another opportunity to witness that. 1431 users competed in the race to win the coveted top spots in the challenge. Let’s give you a play by play of what went down.


The dev team was sitting tight in their seats with much needed mugs of coffee. They had been prepping for the onslaught that the system would suffer soon.


Kickoff! The questions went live and the site traffic began. First time competitors and returning users alike, started hammering away at their keyboards – from the looks of the string of submissions.

The emitL problem was raging initially. Our young contestant mbrc of South Point High School cracked it in the first 6 minutes. Save the Nature submissions were next in line. The greens were few initially, but they started appearing towards the end of the quarter hour as everyone got into their groove. capawesome from Nancho Popovich Maths and Science High School Shumen was another front runner in the contest.


The heat then turned up and the results were simmering on the flame that was the problem set. We were tracking the progress as the users devoured the questions. A mention for c1_6 from Birla Vidya Niketan, another top contender who had emitL, Save the nature and Fast Squarer under his belt at the end of the hour.

Back at the office, the team was busy managing traffic, trying to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Empty coffee cups kept piling up on the tables.


In the last one hour of LunchTime, the simmer came to a full boil. In the last 60 minutes, the ‘Estimating Progress’ problem was putting up a fierce fight as users failed to get a full score on it. Meanwhile, the list of top contenders was losing names and adding new ones every moment, only to be shuffled again. Despite the ever-changing nature of this rank table, some of the contestants were hell bent on laying claim to the top rows. And they did.


The contest ends.

October LunchTime 2015 could not have been the same without our problem setters, testers and editorialists. They did a great job engaging young coders with their problem-set. The problems were dished out by Pavel Sheftelevich and tested by Sergey Kulik, while the editorials were prepared at length by Pawel Kacprzak.

We sign-off now, but not before giving you the juice on October LunchTime 2015.


Presenting the front runners-

From around the world

  • kmcode – Omori 7th Junior High School
  • capawesome – Nancho Popovich Maths and Science High School Shumen, Bulgaria
  • abc3141 – High school At Komaba, University of Tsukuba
  • ngocjr7 – Chuyên Hùng Vương
  • vladik – Club of Young Firefighters, Mozyr
  • bekmyrat – Bashkent Turkmen-Turkish High School
  • moudud99 – Government Laboratory High School
  • akat – Nancho Popovich Maths and Science High School Shumen, Bulgaria
  • msaska9 – Fazekas Mihály Gimnázium
  • arpa – AEhighschool


And some more tit bits:

Total Users: 1431
Total Submissions: 8700
Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 1073
Total users from India: 927
Total users not from India: 504

That will be all from team CodeChef, for now.

Until next time then.

Team CodeChef

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