The decors of November Cook-Off 2015

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Concealed amidst the festivals turning the environs bright and colorful, was our November Cook-Off 2015. And just like a festival you await all year, we too were excited about it. After all we were nearing a packed programming season with ACM ICPC regionals just around the corner. The stage was set for the finest programming brains from across the world to come together for yet another fiery Sunday night. And to tell you the story of that night, let us take you through the proceedings of the contest as it happened.

The problem set for the contest came from Sergey Nagin, who in his trademark style named and themed, all the problems against his name. While he was hosting a birthday dinner with Sereja and Line, the problems Sereja and Tree & Sereja and Tree 2 gave us insights on his affection for Trees. Irrespective of the name of the problems and the themes surrounding them, they were received with great anticipation as the contest started. And it took only a minute for the first problem, Sereja and Array and Subtracting to be cracked.  The glory went to user math. And with a username like that, it did not surprise us. However, what did surprise us was the fact that the mighty ACRush got WA for the same problem. It sent mixed signs about the difficulty level of the problem. And it was early days into the contest to even draw any conclusions. So, we waited for the contest to move forward and see what it has in store for us.

As the contest progressed, we were joined by several other prominent names in programming world. While it made the rank list exciting to look at, it also brought the uncertainty about the name that finally will triumph the rank table. So, we left it to the future and shifted our focus on the contest problems. The tester Istavan Nagy’s job was put to some serious test as the participants flooded the problem pages with their doubts and queries. While there were some genuine queries, there were few others questioning the test cases for the problems. Thankfully, none of those “Test cases are weak” queries were true. Good job Mr. Tester.  With that, the contest was at peace and so were we.

All that remained now was for the final bell to ring and we get our winners. And at the stroke of midnight, the November Cook-Off 2015 concluded, with some new, some familiar, and some really famous names adorning the rank table. So, let us introduce you to them all.

We start with the ROW top 10:

Now, the Indian top 5:

Let’s give a big round of applauds for all these wonderful brains and for everyone who made the November Cook-Off 2015.

Now, before we move ahead let us give you the final stats from the contest:

  • Total Users: 973
  • Total Submissions: 4268
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 644
  • Total users from India: 565
  • Total users not from India: 408

We hope you all enjoyed cracking the problems from November Cook-Off 2015, however, if there is any doubt or query that has been giving you sleepless nights, get over it with the editorials from Sunny Agarwal. They will help you crack many such problems in the future.

That brings us to the final section of the post, we hope you’ve enjoyed the tale of November Cook-Off 2015 as much as we did penning it down for you. And with that, we move towards the November LunchTime and the final month of 2015 and the final three contests for the year. So, buckle up your seatbelts and get ready for the final ride of year 2015. Let’s make it a big one.

That will be all from us here at CodeChef for now. We will soon come up with yet another tale and some more exciting stuff for you. Till then, keep writing to us at:

You can also call us at: (022) – 30797709.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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