Once Upon a Time in India, Coders met and here is what unfolded

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It is morning and people are on their way to work, nursing their Monday blues. While the repetitive nature of the work-week waits to unfold for many, things are not quite the same for the students gathered at the ACM ICPC 2015 Amritapuri Regionals sites. The air is singing with enthusiasm and anxiety all at the same time. The participants have entered the contest arena and the next few hours will decide who goes to the ACM ICPC 2015-2016 finals at Songkla University Phuket, Thailand.

8:45 am: The teams have received their login details and questions for the contest will come up soon.

ACM ICPC 2015 Amritapuri

Bated breath. Watch this space for more to come.

9:05 am: Team “Epsilon Zero” cracks the first problem within four minutes. That’s great start we say.

epsilon_zero regionals

9:15 am: Almost 85 teams have bagged the problem “BDAY”. That’s one big birthday party we are having here at ACM ICPC 2015 Amritapuri Regionals.

9:30 am: 10 teams have cracked at least 2 problems. Leading the rank table is  team “stronglyConnected”.

9:55 am: Team Facelessmen from IIT Kanpur gets 3 questions before anybody else and are leading the scoreboard.

Facelessmen icpc onsite regionals

We have balloons coming up now as the contest completes its first hour!

ICPC 2015 regionals onsite

10:05 am: The scoreboard is in a flurry of change as the teams scramble to make it to the top. Team “Instincts” from SSN Colege Of Engineering, TN also get 3 questions in and have moved to the 2nd spot.

Problems ‘Birthday’ and ‘Longest Palindrome’ remain on top of the ‘solved’ list of the teams!

10:17 am: Team Pynapple of BITMesra moves to 2nd place with 3 solved problems. The top ranks are currently carrying Teams Facelessmen, Pynapple, epsilon_zero and Instincts. Let’s keep a tab on them, shall we?

10:37 am: The clock is ticking and the teams are yet to get their 4th problem. Wonder who will get it first?

The contest was paused due to some technical glitch but not to worry, it has been moved over to the CodeChef platform at https://www.codechef.com/ACM15AMR

Let’s get the show on the road 🙂

1:18 pm: The team from IIT Roorkee ‘Invincibles’ are leading on the ranklist after solving their 4th problem. Let’s cheer them on and keep our eyes on the ranktable!

The Invincibles in action:


1:37 pm: ‘angle’ from IIT Delhi closely follow and have set up camp at Rank 2 on the ranklist. Who get’s the 5th question first, let’s see!

Team angle at the contest:

angle IIT Delhi

1:50 pm: Look what we have here, Rank 1 is occupied by doped_ducks from IIT Kharagpur. The top position has been captured, nobody knows for how long. Keep reading. More coming up soon!

doped_ducks in a tangle of balloons:


2:13pm: The rank table has bitbees, angle, Nullstellensatz, doped_ducks leading with maximum scores in this order. Changing rank tables have us waiting on the sidelines, but we will keep you posted on the happenings at the ICPC Regionals. Hold your breath 🙂

2:45 pm: Coins, Coprimes and Magical Matrix seem to have stumped most teams. let’s wait to see who gets them first!

While the ranklist decides who is beating whom, lets sidestep and go see the jury room!

Jury room

The Rank list can only tell you so much 😛 Last few minutes of the contest and nobody knows what will happen. Cross your fingers and wait a while.
Team CodeChef

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