The late glitch in TANKS and its calamities

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December – whether you like it or not is a time for retrospection. Another year is walking into the sunset, leaving behind loads of memories, some to cheer you up, some to fuel you up for the impending challenges, and hopefully, very few to bring you down. And it’s always good to carry the pleasing ones into your heart, when you are looking at a fresh start. With so many good memories from every contest that we had in the year 2015, we sat down to adorn the final challenge of the year, the December Challenge 2015.

The problems for December Challenge 2015 came from Andrii Omelianenko, Dmytro Berezin, Tapas Jain, Misha Chorniy, Praveen Dhinwa, Maksym Bevza, Sergey Nagin, and Fedor Korobeinikov. The problem setters made sure that we had good ten day party, and to make sure that we do, we had Sergey Kulik testing the problems. With those gentlemen taking care of the platter for December Challenge, there was nothing much we could have asked for.

The flavors for the problems came from Team VNOI (Vietnamese) & Hu Zecong (Mandarin), while Rahul Arora verified the languages for the problems and Praveen Dhinwa took care of the proceedings on the problem setting bench. And finally, the mouthwatering editorials were penned by Kevin Atienza. And that concludes our panel of experts for December Challenge. And when the clock hit 3:00 pm IST on 4th December 2015, the battle to triumph the final long challenge of the year began.

Now, blame it on the winters or the cautious play by the participants, the flow of submissions into the contest wasn’t as fluent as some of its predecessors. And even though the contest started with an AC from jtnydv25 on CHEFST, the road wasn’t smooth for all. Problems CHEFST and PLANEDIV kept the participants busy at the beginning, while there were few others who tried their hand on ORACLCS as well. While those three problems kept the users busy, problems like Trip and Palindromes, Misha and Permutation, Sereja and Dividing, and Tanks, were not easy to pass by. But as you know, a good programmer always finds a way. And find they did. Although not as high in numbers as the earlier problems, but we did get submissions on all the problems.

With every submission on a new problem, the picture of the top end of the rank table was getting clear. And when the December Challenge concluded, it became clearer. Or so we thought. As it turned out, there was some issue with the scores of challenge problem Tanks, due to which a lot of users were getting a score of zero. This brought an interesting twist in the tail of December Challenge, and after a thorough investigation, we figured out the issue and fixed it with the help of our engineering team. The fix in the scores changed the entire picture of rank table in terms of change in positions for many users, while a shift outside the rank table for a few. And to introduce you to all those who made the cut let us take you through the rank tables.

We start with the ladies. Sadly, we do not have any lady coder in the top 100 participants of December Challenge 2015. So, their goodies remain unclaimed. But we are sure very soon we will have them taking up all the key positions on the rank table.

Now let’s meet the men, with the ROW 10:

The Indian top 20:

From colleges to schools, let’s meet our young champions from different schools across India.

Now, it’s time for the ROW top 5:

Finally, it’s time to meet our special achievers in users with highest scores for the challenge problem other than the winners.

We start with the Indian top 3:

Now, the ROW top 3:

Let’s give a big round of applauds to all our winners. We hope you all enjoyed competing with them and that are raring to take their places on the rank tables. And to help you with your preparations, here are the editorials from the contest. We are sure you would enjoy them.

Now, before we pull curtains on this final long challenge blog post of the year 2015, let us give you the stats for the contest.

  • Total Users: 4593
  • Total Submissions: 69607
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 3807
  • Total users from India: 2538
  • Total users not from India: 2055

That will be all from the Chef’s kitchen here at CodeChef for the December Challenge 2015. We will soon return with the tale from the freezing two and half hours of the December Cook-Off 2015.

But till then, keep your fingers warm and keep coding.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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