“Lunchtime” moves away from Lunch Time

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It was June of 2013 when we first had our “Lunchtime”, a new addition to our monthly contests. This little contest was aimed at the younger programmers in schools around the world. We have seen it become a regular entry into many school diaries, and some big planners as well. And as with every contest, for every Lunchtime we got feedbacks and suggestions regarding the Lunchtime.

A lot of those talked about the nature of the contest or the problems. And while, we have been constantly working to improve on them, there was one consistent feedback that kept popping up often and it was: “change the time of Lunchtime.” Now, most of these feedbacks were from the school students. So, it was of utmost importance to us that we take them into consideration.

The reasons cited for the time change ranged from it clashing with the timings of institutes for preparation of competitive exams, to it literally clashing with their “Lunchtime” to it falling on odd hours in some countries and few others have schools on Sunday. So, we had to take all of them into consideration and act. And we started thinking about this one.

After putting a lot of thought to it, we decided to shift the contest to a slightly more accessible day, and time. And after a lot of polls, involving all the school students in our database, and some severe mind crunching among the team members, we have finalized on a day and time.

And it is:

  • Last Saturday of every month from 7:30 pm IST to 10:30 pm IST

It was not only the most voted option in the poll; it was also most viable for everyone. As for the name of the contest, it remains the same and we will continue to call it “Lunchtime.” We like it too much to change. However, if any of you have a name that would suit the timing of the contest and at the same time will have some relevance to the school students, we will happy to hear.

Gentlemen! That will be all from us here at CodeChef. Do let us know your thoughts and opinions on the new timing of the Lunchtime in the comments below. You can also write to us at: feedback@codechef.com

Till next time, Sayonara.

Team CodeChef

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