The teasing and testing February Challenge 2016

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Nested with Valentine’s Week, the February Challenge 2016 brought programmers even closer to their true love i.e. programming, through its 10 crunchy problems. And we are here to elaborate the 10 day affair between the problems and the programmers. So, sit back and enjoy the tale of testing and teasing.

It all started when the participants laid their eyes on Maksym Bevza’s Chef-Detective. Unlike the intricate murder mysteries that Sherlock cracks, this was a cakewalk. In fact animan123 cracked it in 6 mins. It was also the first submission into the contest. So, it’s now safe to say that it all started on a pleasing note. And it remained that way for the entire duration of the contest.

After solving the murder mystery, participants moved on to our omnipresent Praveen Dhinwa‘s Devu and a light discussion, and Alex Gu‘s Rectangles of Love. While, the former seemed a seamless simple operation, the later turned out to be not so simple. Time Limit Exceeded, was the most frequent result code for most of the early submitter on these problems. However, like every relation, with time the participants became fond of them and happy times ensued.

These simple tasks strengthened the affair with constantly increasing affection between the participants and the problems. It got even sweeter with Vasya Antoniuk & Sunny Aggarwal’s Chef and Strange Operations and Matrix Maximum Sum respectively. However, the latter did not get the same love as the former, which became the second most loved problem from the contest with 1476 submissions. By now, we were half way into the contest and going by the constantly lowering ACs on the rank tables, we knew we have testing times ahead.

And so it began. The second creation of Maksym Bevza, the creator of the cakewalk, Call Center Schedule turned out to be a tough schedule to follow. It saw close to 2K submissions, however only 80 of them tasted the sweet nectar of AC. Then came Sergey Nagin, he had both test and tease planned for the participants. While the Sereja and Two Lines spread some happiness and relaxed the atmosphere, Sereja and Permutations was not so pleasing to deal with. Only 43 of over 1100 submissions made on Sereja and Permutations had AC against them.

Amid all this testing and teasing somewhere our winners were making their way up the rank tables. Even the hard challenge of Weird Sum and Chef and Job and Rest from Alexey Zayakin & Dymtro Berezin could not slow them down. In the end the constant pursue of love for competitive programming emerged triumphant. We had all ten problems receive love, some more than others, from everyone. And to find out who stood where on the rank tables let us take you through our rank list.

We start with the ladies. Give a big round of applause to our top five girl coders:

The ROW top 10:

The Indian top 20:

And now it’s time to meet our little geniuses from schools. We start with ROW:

  • kfdong of Fuzhou No.1 High School, China
  • r_64 of Changjun Middle School, China Hunan China
  • na2a of Aktobe Kazakh -Turkish High School Aktobe Kazakhstan
  • rxdoi of Shaoxing No.1 High School Zhejiang
  • qiaoranliqu of Shaoxing No.1 High School Zhejiang

Now the Indian Top 5 School Students:

And finally we have our special achievers. Users with top score for the challenge problem, Chef and Job and Rest apart from the winners:

The ROW top 3:

Now the Indian top 3:

Now, the final stats for February Challenge 2016:

  • Total Users: 5821
  • Total Submissions: 82640
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 5203
  • Total users from India: 2945
  • Total users not from India: 2876

A big round of applause for all you wonderful people for showing so much love in the month of love!

Now, before we put a full stop to this long delayed tale of love of February Challenge 2016, let us take you to the sweet editorials from Miguel Oliveira. Go enjoy them, share them, and show them the love that they deserve.

We hope you had a wonderful season of love and even better February Challenge 2016. We will come soon with another small tale from February Cook-Off 2016. Till then keep sharing your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback about the contest or anything that you would like to tell us through your comments.

Till next time.


Team CodeChef

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